Evelyne info and pics please...

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  1. I am usually in the Lv forum but really would like an Evelyne GM. I am totally new to Hermes world and this would be my first Hermes purchase. Please tell me do I have to order what I want , what choices I have(I know back pocket or not), And is the strap adjustable. I am plus sized so I wonder how the strap will look. But, I love casual messenger bags and own a few LV messengers. You ladies seem so sweet on here and I do not think they would be so nice at the store. Thanks in advance and please post pictures.
  2. my evelyn :biggrin: TGM in Parchemin.
  3. miystrap is not adjustable but I think they do have the adjustable version which is called Evelyn III I believe :biggrin:
  4. I got just my Evelyne III and it has an adjustable strap. Very convenient and practical!
  5. Do you have any photos? Did you have to order it?
  6. Thanks that is the Gm size isn't it??
  7. gm evelyn- toile militaire/vache natural

    evelyn_2.jpg evelyn.jpg
  8. Here's a pic of my evelyne (gm size) for reference I'm 5'8".

  9. Nope, it's PM size. I'm very petite.