Evelyne in Rose Shocking or Rosy?

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  1. Hi all.

    Does anyone know if the Evelyne is made in either of these colours? I've looked at the leather/colour thread and suspect the answer is "no" but having seen the Rosy Lindy in another thread (TDF!), maybe I'm wrong.

    I almost went for etoupe last weekend in Nice but stalled because I wanted something brighter. I'm not really a red, green or blue person, so pink is where it's at for my "fun" stuff! Otherwise, I'll plump for a neutral.


  2. Shame you don't like red as Selfridges has a red one. There were 2 others and for the life of me I can't recall the colours
  3. From what I know Rose Shocking is only available in Chevre and Rosy in Swift and neither of these leather types are available in the Evelyne.

    Evelynes are more commonly found in Clemence and Epsom these days. So you can get almost all colours that are made in these leather types in Evelynes. If you want bright in purple/pink family, I have seen Cyclamen in Epsom. Absolutely awesome.
  4. Thanks you two.

    I suspect I'll end up with etoupe (so versatile but a little sensible?) but might see if cyclamen works with my (not very vast) wardrobe.

    But just imagine an evelyne in pink...

  5. BTW, Mooks, I assume that's in The Wonder Room? I haven't yet had the chance to wander around it (no pun intended). Is the H stock there any "different" in terms of items/styles/colours/leathers from other H stores (and Manchester is my closest)?


  6. Double post
  7. Manchester is my closest too.

    (Lol, I'm sure there's enough of us to have a Manchester meet-up soon:graucho:)

    The Hermes in Selfridges is much smaller than Manchester, it just a corner of the wonder room. They have a small selection of bags but I think the small choice is sometimes more exciting than Manchester - I've seen some lovely Kellys and a croc Lindy in Selfridges. One of the best thing about the Selfridges Hermes is that you are within walking distance of Bond St Hermes and a short tube from Harrods and Sloane St Hermes plus a slightly longer tube ride to get to Royal Exchange Hermes - another fairly small branch. The odd thing is, you could happily visit them all and see many different things - they all carry different stock, don't know whether by design or accident. So even if Selfridges proves disappointing, you can get lucky somewhere else.

    The last couple of times I've met up with Ardneish and Eliselady for a trawl around all the branches, we've only ever made it to 2, the Selfridges and Bond St, heehee, and still in Bond St after closing time :sweatdrop:
  8. Yes it is in The Wonder Room (love that!).....there actually seemed to be more bags in there than Bond Street but I don't know if it just seems that way because they are mostly all together in one cabinet.

    I was looking for pocket squares and there was a better selection there than in Bond Street and there also seemed to tons more of the 90cm scarves and definitely a couple of extra twillys. I don't know if this is because they are trying to entice people into the new concession. I really liked it in there because it's so compact it's easier to look at everything.

    The SA I was speaking to was telling me he also works in the Bond Street branch so I think they must share stock and staff

    Oh and also found something interesting out. I was told by the SA in Bond Street that you find the biggest selection of scarves at Heathrow!! Apparently it's where they really showcase the brand and always keep a well stocked range in there. This did actually make sense to me because when I was in the Heathrow one last month there were alot more keychains and twillys than in any H branch I'd been in
  9. There is an Evelyn in cyclamen on Ebay right now- take a look here.
  10. Oh dear, that's lovely, isn't it? I wonder if I can justify two, one bright, one neutral...

  11. ^ Oh, definitely!! :graucho: I would love one in each too, they are just too yummy!!
  12. Stop talking about Evelynes this is getting too painful :hysteric:
  13. I've started obsessing over them too....I'm soooo tempted to go and have another look at the ones in Selfridges