Evelyne in etain-color confusion?

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  1. Hi! I just purchased an Evelyne 29 from a consignment store in my area. The description said Gris etain; however, due to Covid, I could not see it personally before buying. I just picked it up (curbside!) today and the color is throwing me off.

    My initial thought was that it looked brown. I understand etain has brown undertones but it looks very brown especially under the sun. The lining and strap are both brownish. The tab has the letter p on it so circa 2012. I don’t know if I’m trying to kid myself too because then it looks dark grey again in another light!

    Do any other Evelyne etain owners have any insight? Would the lining be brown in some etains?

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  2. I have an etain belt, I've never noticed it to look as brown as your photos. Your bag is lovely though!
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  3. Etain can vary from batch to batch, sometimes it can lean a little more brown. I have a B in etain and it is gray, with a slight lavender undertone, but that is togo leather and I assume your evelyne is in clemence leather? Even the same kind of leather can vary in color from batch to batch, and different leathers definitely take the color differently.

    What return policy does the store have? For how much it is, you should love it.
  4. It looks very much like Etain to me. Etoupe Evies usually have contrast stitch...no?...mine does.
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  5. I’m no expert but that doesn’t look like étain to me. Your E has more of a brown tone to it (including the strap!). It’s very beautiful though!
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  6. That does not look like etain to me, even from the more brown-ish batches
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  7. Yes-it is final sale unfortunately. The bag is in great condition (minor scratches) and the price was good as well. The color is a bit disappointing. I took their word and the product was not quite that color. I asked how they confirmed the color for this and they said it was from their research circa that era.

    thanks for your input!
  8. This is why I’ll never buy Etain without seeing it in person. I saw several preloved ones that look grayish black while others look brownish gray like gris asphalt. If you have something in etoupe try taking a pic together, maybe then the distinction would be clearer.
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  9. The raw interior is giving me ebene vibes.
  10. It does not look like Etain, even from 2012. Waaaaay too brown. Looks like Ebene to me. The first pic is so dark I was thinking graphite.... but the rest, I see NO gray.... just brown.
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    There is an Etain evelyne on the official hermes.com website right now - I absolutely wouldn't call that etain either had I only seen the photos (I see no gray and basically brown in them!) so....it really could just be lighting?

    (granted, Hermes.com makes plenty mistakes including having gotten colors wrong...)

    I think what's most important here is whether this bag - in whatever color it officially is - is something you like. I am sorry to hear that you can't return it, that definitely would have been my suggestion had it been possible...for what it's worth I do think it's a neutral and versatile shade.
  12. Looks like Café to me. It’s not Etain.
  13. Oh WOW! You're so right! It looks completely brown on h.com.
    My 2019 Etain birkin looks soooooooooooooooooo different. But then again, I was offered etain in 2013 and declined due to it looking brown. soooooo.....
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  14. It doesn't look like Etain to me (I have an Etain Picotin) but I love your Evelyne, dear lululolo! :hbeat: In fact, I love brown, especially dark brown, I think it's so chic! :heart:
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  15. I'm sorry, that really sucks. I actually really like the color (but what's really important is whether you like it!). Is there anyway you can try to call the business and ask them for an exception? I saw the babebebi post about it looking like cafe not etain.
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