Evelyne in black or color?

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  1. ^^^ Agree re how the color of the strap looks across your body/clothes. It can stand out too much if it's really bright IMO. I have prunoir for my dark neutral -- not black but close enough to wear like black. My sauge is a great light neutral. I am loving gold right now for a casual look, especially with palladium h/w. It's a casual bag so I like a casual look.
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  2. I recently got my first Hermès bag, an Evelyne PM in etoupe. I wanted a color that I could wear all year long and was a nice neutral. For the price of the bag, I wanted something I’d get a lot of use out of. My husband is also of the belief that if you’re buying something special, like an Hermes, to get a “fancy” bright color. But how much use do you get out of that? Anyway, my plan was to get the etoupe and then get one in black or maybe another color. Have fun choosing!
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  3. It's a "know thyself" choice. You can certainly do a bright color if you want to make it your signature color or look. Why not? Hermes colors are incredibly great. But if you're someone who prefers a more neutral bag, that's totally fine too. This is such a fun and useful bag.
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  4. 1E671F2B-EA9B-42E1-9D9F-A1C56F8B8F4C.png Thanks everyone! I got this henri bendel one second hand just now while I contemplate. It’s saffiano so durable and low key enough for the Silicon Valley. I’m a mom of two under 6 so I just can’t bear the thought of the Evelyne getting cookie crumbs and jam on it! It’s a Hermes knockoff but ok. Would u still get a black in this case?

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  5. The bag you got looks quite lovely and practical. Wouldn’t go as far to say it’s an Hermes knock off as fashion always influences each other and some Hermes bags do have quite basic silhouettes. If you really love black, I’d say go for the black Evelyne! For myself, because I have such a small collection (3 in total hh), I try to get bags that are different in colours (black, gold, red) but colours nonetheless that will work for my wardrobe (you’d be surprised how a pop of colour compliments an otherwise neutral outfit, but red has always been my colour). I’ve turned down several stunning bags in shades of seasonal blue because the colours are....well....a bit too seasonal! I think you have to be honest with yourself which colour will you reach for the most and go with your heart 8) I agree with others that while other people’s opinions can be helpful but in the end you are the one wearing the bag. Good luck with your decision!
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  6. My Evelyne is orange. I love the color! I wear it with black, green/khaki shades, denim.