Evelyne ii

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  1. I have decided to purchase an evelyne ii with everyone's help but now, i need to ask what leather would be best and any suggestions with color. I was thinking blue jean what do you think?
  2. I prefer the evelyne in clemence. And this is a bag you can go crazy with color -- orange, chartreuse, blue jean, red, etc. It's a fun bag!
  3. I agree with lulily the clemence isn't stiff leather so it really hugs your body :smile:
  4. Blue jean in clemence is fantastic! I miss mine a lot and want to get another some day. :yes:
  5. I would get in orange clemance!
  6. Clemence for Evelyne is perfect :tup:
    As for color it really is a personal choice but Blue Jean sounds yummy :yes:

    Which size are you planning on getting?

    And... I don't know if it's just a spelling mistake but it's II (as 2 in Roman numerals) and not ii ;) Just in case someone new to H looks at this thread in the future and gets confused.
  7. I have a Clemence, Epsom and Toile/Barenia. The Clemence hugs the body nicely and holds a ton. I hope to get one more Clemence E. Blue Jean is beautiful! Enjoy!
  8. I love my toile/clemence combination because I like a very structured bag. I had it in Clemence and it was like a big slab of meat on my body lol. That could be good if you like unstructured floopy bags.
  9. ^^What Luccibag said is very true. I am a fan of slouch. I am having a hard time adapting to the Toile Barenia as I am not accustomed to structure and it seems so much smaller than my Clemence.
  10. You are right Riley girl... I just exchanged my Lindy clemence for a Swift Toile combo and I need to get used to it that it isn't so slouchy...it IS gorgeous though. Yours must too :smile:
  11. I agree that the Evelyne is a bag where you can go bright because of how casual it is. I would never consider a potiron or orange birkin or kelly but would with an evelyne.
  12. Orange E is gorgeous!
    Park Incognito.jpg
  13. ^^:tup:
  14. A little more enabling...
  15. why rileygirl, we might be bag twins! Is your evelyne rouge h?

    dsrm can't wait to see your blue jean!