Evelyne help - pm or gm?

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  1. Hi all, I am looking to get an evelyne, it would be my first. I need to keep hands free with the spring approaching and running around with my three kids.

    I went through the let's talk evelynes thread, but I didn't see much on the capacity of a PM and a GM. I know that there are two styles for each style, one with and one without the outer pocket.

    How much can a PM and a GM carry? Does the GM get heavy? I usually keep basics with me, i'm talking razorphone, small wallet, glasses case, and keys. I hate carrying heavy bags when I'm with the kids. sometimes i like to carry a lipgloss, and the baby's extra change of clothes, but usually i have to carry a totally separate bag for the kids since there are three of them.

    I'm going for a clemence, as I like softer leathers, so that's not an issue.

    after the recent price increase, does anyone know what the current prices are for the PM and the GM?

    thanks for you advice!!
  2. With what you carry a PM should work just fine for you. Get the one with the interior pocket, definitely.
    How tall are you?
  3. I just got a GM and wasn't sure until I tried both on which one I'd go for. In fact, I assumed I'd pick PM, but it was smaller than I'd expected. The GM is really not a huge bag, it's pretty normal-sized for an everyday bag. I use it to hold my wallet, cell phone, keys, glasses case, makeup case and small digital camera. I'm 5'4" if that helps...

    Not sure how much they are after the price increase, but my GM was $1900 in December, and I think that the GM II (with the extra pocket) was around $2350. They didn't have the color I wanted in the II, or else I probably would've considered it.
  4. Oh what a great thread! Thanks for starting it, babyhart! I have been curious about the Evelyn too. Is the shoulder strap adjustable? I like my to carry my shoulder bag quite short.
  5. No, I wish it was, too. I have a really short torso so I think it would hit me in a better spot if I could shorten it. I think you can probably SO a strap in a different length, although that can take a long time. Alternatively, some people remove the strap and use a scarf in its place.
  6. I have the PM2. I highly recommend the outside pocket of the "2" version. I can fit everything that is in my 32 Kelly in to my Evelyne. I can't tell you how much I love that bag.

    The only thing that the PM won't fit in it is a magazine. It'll fit, actually, but the snap won't fit around the top. Sometimes I will fold the magazine lengthwise (sort of "roll" it) and put it to the side and then the snap will fit.

    This past Saturday I had to take one of my Malts to the vet and needed to be hands free. So my Evelyne was perfect. Here are a couple action pics. I'm 5'1" BTW.

    Oh, and I added the Breloque charm to lengthen the strap ... makes it more comfortable.


    The hands-free option really comes in handy!
  7. Thanks for the insight, abbyroad :smile:. That's a shame that they don't make the strap adjustable. Oh, do you have a pic of using a scarf in its place?? I can't quite picture it in my head...
  8. I have the PM2 and wear it the same way like Kallie though I use a twilly as an extender vs. a breloque chain. I use it primarly when I need my hands free. Also great to bring when traveling - though mine is in WHITE!
  9. Kallie Girl ... i love that brown... i was thinking an evelyn in the brown family. which one is yours? and thank you for your action shots... i love how lovely you look even for the vet!

    hello2703... i'm 5'4" and around 125lbs.

    the wheels are turning in my head still... which one, which one??
  10. This is a pic of Kallie Girl's with a scarf handle from the reference thread.


    I got a raisin Evelyne GM2 in November. My SA wouldn't allow me to get the regular GM. She told me they could order another strap because I'm really tall, so I might need a longer one. I think I paid $2250 pre-price increase.
  11. Here's me wearing my GM from the Hermes in Action thread. Sorry the pics are so dark...


  12. This looks really great on you!
  13. I am 5'4" and have the GM II. I really love the outer pocket. My SA recently told me that you can special order a strap in a variety of lengths.
  14. OMG, Abby! you look adorable. That bag is fab on you! Oh man...

    That's it. Mine is starting to look like crap to me now. Okay, it's going in the trash tonight, dang it.
  15. Thanks piaffe + gga! I was surprised that the GM wasn't huge on me since I'm only 5'4".