Evelyne Help Needed - Re: Color...

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  1. Hi, I received my potiron Evelyne today and I'm conflicted! The bag is PM2 in Clemence and it is beautiful...the size is perfect and I really love this style so much. HOWEVER, the strap is a bright Hermès orange and the body is potiron, and it bothers me that they are not even a close match.

    I had been told that orange was not available in this bag. However, I misunderstood and what she meant was that orange was not available in Clemence. I spoke with the NYC store to make sure, since I figured they would know more than other stores and the asst. mgr. said that it only comes in Epson in orange. And that yes, because the strap is canvas that it won't match the bag.

    SOOOO, what should I do!?! I am so conflicted. For those of you who have this bag, do your straps match? Any and all opinions and advice is welcomed!! Should I get Epson? I soooo love the soft squishy Clemence but I'm not sure about the color situation. Here's a picture... the potiron photographs brighter than it is in person.

    Thank you very much!!

  2. It is gorgeous Kallie! My straps don't match either. It is much lighter than the acutal color of the bag.

    But of course, if you are not happy with it. Please return it! It's too much money to just have it sit in your closet
  3. Kallie, if it bothers you ( as you say ) then I feel you won't be happy with it. However, if, on the other hand, you can talk yourself into accepting it by saying....it is exactly the way Hermes meant it to be....and it looks good, then I feel you would be satisfied with it.

    Our minds can be really funny about things like this....and it's still a matter of personal likes or dislikes as to whether the brighter orange actually works well with the potiron...to some it would, to others, it might not. Hermes seems to be pretty picky about what they pair up as far as colors go...someone at Hermes obviously thought this brighter orange canvas strap color combo looked really good with potiron.

    As to getting it in Epsom....many people here love Epsom leather and ask for it, order it. It's become quite popular. Then, there are others who do not like it as much as the natural grained leathers. If you've seen and tried Epsom and you like it, then, it is definitely a possible solution to the orange strap/potiron bag situation.
  4. I think its beautiful, but if you aren't 100% happy with it, bring it back! It's way too much money to spend on somethng that you don't absolutely love.
  5. i love the orange variation in one bag! congratualtions kallie!
  6. Thanks, guys.... here is the problem, though... IF the orange strap were a lighter orange, it would be OK as I truly don't expect them to match, since we're dealing with two materials ... leather and canvas. But because the strap is a very, very bright color and very, very wide and the bag is a subdued color, the strap is what you see before you see the bag. It truly overwhelms it.

    So, I called the boutique back and they have found me a bag just like the one I have except in chocolate, so I'm going to try it. I do think in the long run the more neutral color will be better anyway. The SA said that the straps matched perfectly on the chocolate ... which is nice but really I'm fine with them not matching.... just not overwhelming the bag. So, by early next week, the exchange will be complete, I hope!

    I do want to say again what a great bag this is. The clemence leather is totally yummy and soft and forms against the body when wearing this bag. The straps are very wide... wider than anything I've seen on a bag but I think that is what makes it so comfortable. I didn't realize that the extra pocket had a gusset in it so it holds all sorts of things. This is wonderful, practical bag. I KNOW I am going to love wearing it!

    I never would have even heard of the bag if it wasn't for tPF, so I have you guys to thank for my finding it. It was hard to pack up the potiron for its trip back to Atlanta tomorrow. I just loved looking at it.

    OH, and I do want to say that all the SAs that I spoke with were awesome. At first I was intimidated because of my southern accent and my butchering of the French language for the names of the colors and leathers. But they put me at ease and were just as nice as can be. I spoke with SAs and managers in Dallas, NYC and Atlanta and every single one of them were a pleasure to deal with.
  7. ^ Kallie - I think you made the best choice!! Chocolate will be gorgeous. I much prefer Clemence on an Evelyne because the bag molds to your body better than it does in Epsom.
    Love to see pics when you get it!
  8. I agree that if you don't absolutely love the bag you should exchange it. My Evelyne's strap is lighter in color than the bag but it's a good match. It's Clemence too and I love how it lays when worn messenger style. It's a gread shoulder bag when you shorten it with twilly. Ask you SA to show you how to do that if they haven't done that yet. You don't need to get a twilly specifically for that. Any ribbon would do. Hope you love the brown Evelyne :smile: .
  9. Kallie, the potiron is pretty but I see what you mean. :yes: The chocolate will be gorgeous! Can't wait til you get it!!! :yahoo:
  10. OHHH!! Kallie - go for the chocolate!!!!!!! FOR SURE!!!!

    See - it was meant to be!!!!
  11. All this orange and chocolate talk is making me hungry, lol!

    I agree Kallie, go try on the choc in clemence. Sounds divine! And how wonderful to hear all the SAs and managers you spoke with treated you fabulously!:happydance:
  12. i am surprised that hermes would make
    a bag in potiron and not have a strap
    in the same color.
    i have a bluejean evelyne 2 and even though
    the colors of the leather and the canvas strap
    can't be exactly the same, given they are
    different materials, they still are both
    clearly bluejean.

    the chocolate sounds yummy!
    you're gona love it!
    the bag is fun and casual and
    so practical and roomy.
    the back pocket is so convenient.
    i am sure you'll enjoy it.
    keep us posted!
  13. I think it looks lovely. The slight contrast brings out the fact that the colour is Potiron. A great shade and neutral.

    Orange on Epsom isn't as strong or intense as on Clemence but is is still brighter that Potiron. It depends on how you want to wear it.

    But it looks wonderful to me in the pics.
  14. I think it looks fantastic but which ever you choose will be great. The Evelyne is a fantastic bag you will love it. Talking about straps my bag is cyclamen and the strap is chocolate brown now thats what I call a contrast !.

  15. My evelyne is in cyclamen epsom. I brought it to Paris with me :P
    Actually the canvas straps and leather bodies are always different in shades, mine too. I like them that way, if everything is in the same colour/shade, it can be kinda boring ??!!

    Epsom is good because its waterproof and scratchproof (somehow I managed to scratch mine quite badly in Paris :crybaby: I think its my ring ...).
    Anyway, I like epsom cos its light too :P