Evelyne had an undignified day

  1. Well, confession is good for the soul.

    Today, I set out on my errands. The list was long.

    I forgot to remember that tropical storm (formerly Hurricane) Cosme was due to hit today :sad:.

    Well, Cosme arrived when I was inside Wal-Mart.
    When I came out, it was a torrential downpour! (We are getting a couple inches every hour at this point....) I had to leave, we had a party to go to (since cancelled due to weather :crybaby:)

    I had parked WAY WAY WAY over by Borders...and like most of us, do not carry an umbrella. We just dont really bother....

    What to do???? :confused1:

    :idea: My beloved barenia evelyne had to go into a bag....nothing else to be done...!
    A perfect fit!!!
    But quite undignified....


    But, she is fine. I think all is forgiven.

    BTW She has had a really busy summer, and is showing her patina nicely.....

    She did not like going in the bag, but understood it had to be done.....:heart:

    bagged up.JPG i am fine.JPG
  2. lol, she may look fine but she is going to need years of hermetherapy....
  3. :nuts: What a great story... that picture really made my day I'm:roflmfao:....

    AND your Evelyne is sooooo beautiful...
  4. Sometimes our children must realize that though they don't appreciate our short term decisions, there are long term gains.
  5. haha! poor thing! but she survived!

  6. Quite true. And of course there were all the tiny children inside, the small leather goods!!! They were terrified of the deluge!

  7. Yes, I am thinking I may have to buy her a new scarf or pouchette!!:p
  8. ^^ that always helps.
  9. That was very wise of you, Cobalt! :smartass: :heart:

  10. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:

    Evelyne to CB:

    Mommy, what is this place where they have purses that cost less than$100? I don't understand.....ack...wait...why are you making me wear their rain kits???
  11. CB--good for you for quick thinking. I was holding my breath hoping you didn't have to resort to more desperate measures like enveloping Evelyne beneath your clothing. Btw, Evelyne's patina is gorgeous!
  12. LMAO!!!!!!!! What a GREAT picture, CB!!!!! omg....too, too hilarious.......
  13. AHhah! It looks gorgeous though - without the plastic bag on of course!!
  14. Orchids, the clothing got very wet as well. and you dont even want to know what happened to my hair, LOL!! Evelyne wasnt the only one who had a body blow to her dignity today!!

    QM!! I really had a laugh at your post, LOL!!! The walmart bag as rainkit!!! (BTW, Evelyne did not get a rainkit of her own from H...)

    Thank you vogue!!!
  15. Made my day...and after a 5 hour car ride...with a 17 year old who wanted to be home with her boyfriend, 2 golden retrievers (extra crazy) and my Mom...I needed a laugh!