Evelyne Etoupe or Black

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  1. My heart was set on black because I have no black everyday bag and I thought the black looked the best but I have a chance to buy etoupe immediately which I never considered. My bags are pretty much all in the brown beige family. What do you think? Hold out for black?
  2. I love the etoupe personally. I say grab that one. You can always get black.
  3. You may regret not getting it in black. I realize it's tempting to purchase the etoupe but I would suggest holding off and waiting for the color you really want.
  4. Wait for the black!!
  5. I have a black evelyne and I don't have to worry about colour transfer from my jeans. My vote is black
  6. But my view is you have to follow your heart.
  7. I vote wait for black! There's nothing worse than a niggling 'I settled' feeling!
  8. Black
    You knew what you want need and like
  9. Black! Especially if you are only planning to buy one. It should be easy to find. A black Evelyne is so versatile.
  10. Etoupe and black are my favorite colors on an Evelyn. I have one in black clemence. :smile:
  11. If your heart is set on black wait for the black. Personally I love etoupe and find it works with almost everything summer and winter.

    However everyone needs a good black bag and if you can't get both then wait for a black to turn up.
  12. I own an Etoupe Evie and love it -- it goes with everything, I love the contrast stitching, and have no issues with color transfer. But if you will always regret not getting black, then get the black!
  13. I vote for the Black!
  14. I honestly don't think you can go wrong with either choice, but having seen that you live in California, perhaps the etoupe would not look so dark against the clothes you might typically wear in that climate.
  15. I would go with your heart and not settle. I've made that mistake before and ended up regretting my decision. Black Evie's are not impossible to come by.