Evelyne - Color choice survey

  1. I'd like to get the Evelyne bag. I can't decide which color to get. It's between the dark brown, the tan, or the Brighton Blue.

    Which would you get? Any of the above?

    Help me decide!! Your input is appreciated!! Thank you!
  2. I LOVE etoupe evelyne. so it's a cross of the dark brown and tan. :smile:
  3. I vote for etoupe as well. :smile:
  4. OOOhhhhh!! Now you're making me think.....
  5. Cafe Clemence.
  6. I love etoupe as well. But if you have other bags of similar colouring or of more neutral colours, I say brighton bleu.
  7. I vote for dark brown. With my BJ I was always worried about getting the strap dirty and next time I'd get a dark color so as to not have to worry as much! :smile:
  8. I'd go for the Brighton Blue... what a nice pop of colour!
  9. I love the brighton blue -- I was on the verge of buying one the other day, but decided to wait for chartreuse instead. I like the bright color for the casualness of the bag. And it's an inexpensive way to get a beautiful H color.
  10. hmm- I myself am planning to buy an Evelyne and find myself conflicted between etoupe and graphite. I'd have to go with clemence over epsom for this paticular bag though- clemence's suppleness goes great with the casual nature of the bag.
  11. Brighton Blue
  12. do you want a neutral bag to go with everything or a fun color, etc
  13. Although I LOVE the Brighton Blue color, I know one of the neutral colors would be best for me. But crochetbella brings up a good point about the strap. The thing is, I have chocolate and dark gold Birkins. Can the strap be cleaned safely, or dry cleaned? Does anyone have experience with cleaning the canvas bags or straps? Or maybe a fabric protector recommendation?

    Thanks again for your advice!!
  14. My strap never did actually get dirty so I never attempted to clean it. It was just the worry...I didn't like to walk and drink coffee for fear I'd spill! ;) I always thought about scotch guarding it but never did.
    I'm thinking about Rouge H next time. :smile:
  15. Nutty - etoupe - YUM.