Evelyne black and white bag?

  1. Does anyone have the Evelyne GM in the off white cotton/linen and black leather trim? I am looking for a black and white bag for the summer and the Garden Party wasn't the right style for me. If anyone has that bag I would really appreciate it if you would post a picture.:yes:
  2. WOW, I love that bag! Is it still available in stores? Thanks so much.
  3. I just called the store and the bag is no longer made, is the site selling this bag legit?
  4. zippie jemznjewels is a legititmate seller, you can do a search here and see she is on the good seller's list... Personally I had good experiences with her... I've heard some boardmembers tried to contact her, but didn't hear back...

    try to contact her and say you are interested in this bag... maybe you could put in a best offer, you never know :smile:
  5. I sent her an email and hope she gets back to me.
  6. Ooh very exciting:smile: I already have an evelyne but thought this one was very special :smile: she is a nice seller, if for some reason it doesn't suit you, you can send it back to her....
  7. Thank you for your help, I appreciate it!:tup: