Apr 20, 2008
i have a 1.5 yr old prune gm 3 (adjustable strap) clemence. rained upon in NYC while traveling & it still looks great. it's a tad heavy for me tho even if i "pruned" my stuff to a minimum. had i tried a gm2 (non adjustable strap) i would have gotten that instead. I'm only 5'1.5 btw.

I also use a zippered pouch for security reasons.

It's a great looking bag.


Oct 20, 2008
I like Clemence for its slouch, but Epsom for a truly worry-free leather - as in I'm caught out in the rain and I have another hour before I can get to a shelter. If I were in that situation with my Clemence Evelyne, I would have felt I needed to protect it under my jacket.
Jan 20, 2009
Blue Jean Clemence and it is my most used bag. It was spa'd recently and came back like new.

I know some people say it blisters but I have had a water bottle leak in mine and the water was running out of the bottom of the bag. Dried out and was perfect again.


Apr 1, 2008
My 1st H is an Evelyn PM2 Prune color, in clemence leather.

I definitely recommend Evelyn in clemence because as it hangs messenger style, the soft leather kind of 'hugs' and flow with our body.

I also suggest a non neutral color for an Evelyn because it's a fun and casual bag.

If you read through the thread on Evelyn, some have problems with the adjustable strap because it sits uncomfortably on some of the owners.

With version 2, you can carry it messenger style or change it to a shoulder bag , double up the strap and tie one end with a scarf or twilly. Voila, 2 styles in one.

It's also a good idea to get a bag insert to organise your stuff inside an Evelyn because the bag is unlined, and it's north south shape means you may have to dig and search for your items 'swimming' inside the bag.

As for PM vs GM, it depends on how much things you need to carry and remember the bigger the bag, the heavier it is.

Good luck deciding and do share with us your decision:smile:


Apr 1, 2008
Sorry to hyjack this thread, but what purse organiser would you suggest?

My favorite is the Tintamar, a French brand. It is sold inflight by some major airlines in the world. I love this the most bcos I think it's is inteligently designed, the quality of the material is superb and I can transfer and fit it into all my H and non H bags. I bought it for all my sisters and I almost want to collect them in different colors:smile:

They hv an online store and stockists in Australia.

sin vergüenza

Gremmy Girl
Aug 31, 2007
Hermesaholic - The Evelnye is one of those H bags you need to see in action IRL to really appreciate. After I saw one in BJ, then in orange, I knew I had to have one.

I have had a TGM in Raisin Clemence for years now and it is one of my Hermes bags that will stay with me forever. I prefer the Evelyne in Clemence. Brings out the slouchy 70's vibe. (It was created in the 70's!)