Evelyn TPM or LV Palm Spring Mini backpack?

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  1. Dear ladies, I am torn between these two. I know I am on the Hermes forum and last time I bought an LV was 9 years ago. However that mini back pack was so cute, but I have been waiting for the Evie TPM as well.

    Which one should I got for if I have to pick one (I know "both" will be the best answer). Which one is more versatile and long lasting?

  2. I haven't bought LV for years too but I actually LOVE the mini backpack and wanted to buy it. But I ended up buying a tpm last week instead. I think the tpm is definitely more long lasting. I kind of feel the mini backpack is more trendy. Although it's adorable, I don't know if 5-10 years down the line when I'm older, if I will feel that way.
  3. The TPM more lasting and versatile ... Backpack is trendy, the style comes and goes and limited to age (IMO), hence I sold my Chanel backback as I aged. :rolleyes:
  4. I vote for the TPM. I have the blue cobalt with blue atoll strap. It's so light and cute!
  5. I have both....I've been away from LV for a long time now and this and the Petit Malle have brought me back in just a bit. The backpack holds a lot. The tpm, not much so that's something to consider. The price of course is something else to think about.

    I love them both for different reasons, but if I only could pick one I'd still go for the H [emoji6].
  6. 2 totally different bags. not even comparison. tpm is micro small and other is a backpack that can hold much much more. I think the LV is darling. I also have 2 tpm. cant choose. must buy both :smile:
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    BalLVLover & IF, since you two have both, which one is more practical? As I know the mini back pack can be worn cross body. Saw tons of picture on Instagram, so darling! Thanks!
  8. IMO, Tpm. Much superior quality
  9. hmm i have two evelyne tpm amazonia i love them i wear them a lot when going to museums or traveling with my larger bags essentials Passports and so on stay in theese minis and they work so well i would take the evelyne.
  10. i was thinking to get the lv backpack too but i ended up grabbing an evelyn amazone last weekend !:smile::smile:
  11. Dear ladies, if possible, please post some side by side pictures. Really appreciate it.
  12. I love my Evelyne tpms. I have five. They fit everything I need - passport, card case, lipstick, key, phone, eye drops, gum, and more. They are invaluable. Better than any other mini or wallet on a chain. I use them running errands, shopping, and sight seeing. I throw one in my Victoria or Goyard St. Louis when I'm on a plane or going to the office. I have blanc, bleu obscura, rouge casaque, rouge pivione, and bamboo. I ask for them in every H boutique I visit. The Zurich store had a rose sakura that I barely missed out on today!

  13. The tpm is easy to get things in and out of and It can fit enough inside when you don't need to take a lot. I usually carry a mini bearn, Calvi, Bastia, iPhone 6+, car key, lipgloss and a mini pen.

    I think the Palm Springs zipper is a bit of a pain to get in and out of with the overlapping canvas around the top. The tiny pocket on the front is definitely a pain to use. I keep my car key in it and sometimes struggle to get it out. If you don't close the main zipper I've had things fall right out.
    The inside pocket is easy to use though. The changeable straps are great. Even though it has cons it's so darn cute and I love it so much I can overlook everything.

    I'm with IF, you need both! [emoji12]

  14. I just went to the store to try my luck (knowing it's sold out everywhere in US), hoping to check one out in person (if they have one on reserve for customers before they pick it up). Unfortunately they don't have any, and was told over 600 on order in their national system.

    Love to have both, but try not to collect more than enough mini purses.

    Anyway, would you mind share a picture of yours side by side?

  15. Oh geez... I did sound like I had both in that post. I do not have an LV back pack dear. I just meant that they serve two very different purposes as I can not fit much into my tpm. If I wanted that look... with the back pack... I'd have to have both.

    But I choose Hermes ;)
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