Evelyn -pricing & practical?

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  1. Hello everyone! I'm thinking about purchasing an Evelyn. I tried the larger one on a several months ago, and know there has since been a price increase. Thus, I was wondering if someone could tell me the current pricing for Evelyns. I did a search and tried to look through the reference thread, but I must not be searching correctly. I think I'm going to go with the smaller size instead of the larger. Does anyone know the size difference between the two?

    Also, for those of you who own the Evelyn, do you find it to be a practical bag?

    TIA for all your help! :smile:
  2. I will reply soon-mine should be here tomorrow! I bought mine on eBay-for a real one, there's not too much of a price difference for pre-owned-all the pre-owned I tried to buy were b/w $1600-2200. Check the thread about current prices for retail.
  3. Thank you for your reply! I found some info in the reference thread, but am confused about sizes. Is the Evelyne PM II the one that's about 12in x 12 in? Or is that the larger one? Sorry if these questions seem stupid.
  4. The Evelyne PM2 which is the small one with the extra pocket outside is currently retailing for $2,050 here in the States. I believe the regular PM without the extra pocket is less, but I don't know its price.

    PM2 is 12x12" approx.

    Good luck!! SCP has several colors in PM2 size in case you are looking around.

    I don't have one YET. I tried it on and found it to be quite nice. I am still at the deciding stage on it. I think color plays a big part for me. I couldn't locate a neutral color at the time and I prefer neutrals in bags.
  5. I got mine a couple of weeks ago (etoupe clemence) for 1900 at SCP. Absolutely LOVE it!!! It's not the TPM II, so no pockets anywhere. I measured the bottom, and it's a little under 30cm.
  6. ^^I LOVE my Evelyne. She is the PM (12x12 approx.), and NO SIDE POCKET. PMII has the side pocket.

    GM is bigger, and there is a TPM which is smaller than the PM/PMII

    Hope this helps.

    You can also take a keychain or scarf and shorten the straps to make a shoulder bag which I LOVE TO DO!
  7. There's also the larger TGM, which I don't believe has a pocketed "2" variant.
  8. i have a GM2 bleu jean evelyne and
    haven't used it since i got the TGM2 in black clemence in february, 2007 in st. barth.
    i wore it home, and have carried it 4-5 times every week since then.
    even my beautiful birkin and new bolide don't get as much use.
    i wear my evelyne messenger style,
    and find it to be the most practical of all my H bags:
    it is light and roomy and i reach into the back pocket
    for my cell phone or keys or metro card or
    change purse for the quarters for meters.
    i just love it!
    (i must confess that my anya hindmarch
    "this is not a plastic bag" arrived today,
    and is already filled with all my stuff,
    and tomorrow i will put it on my shoulder,
    and head for the streets :tup:, while all my H bags
    can rest in my closet!):shame: