Evelyn PM Bag...Which color to pick?


Which COLOR to pick for Evelyn PM bag?

  1. Rouge H

  2. Potiron

  3. Blue Jean

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Hi All,

    Im thinking about getting an Evelyn Bag for my Christmas present for me.
    I thought It would be nice to have it and wear it from time to time, messenger style. (Im a guy...and like wearing messenger bags.)I think Evelyn PM bag is versatile enough to be worn by me. Choosing a right versatile color is my dilemma. I like a POP "Colors" and wearing it year round is also important. (I already got a couple of beautiful Balenciaga messenger and weekender in BLueberry and Emerald)

    The 3 colors I'm thinking about are:

    1) Rouge H (I haven,t had a nice verstile RED yet..I thought this is nice unisex color..instead of getting the Balenciaga Weekenger in Rouge Vif)

    2) Potiron (I always LOVE that "pumpkin" color...even wearable year round)

    3) Blue Jean (I thought the color is casual and remind me of that beatiful Birkin a saw at the Hermes store once)

    I love all 3 colors. I saw the Rouge H on one of the posting here and I LOVE IT..I dont have any "Reds" in my bag collection..I thought It's a hot color.

    I wear a lot of Jeans and Khakis shorts/pants and polo type shirts.

    Size: Should I get the Evelyn GM instead of PM (both with pockets), Im short 5'4 and I think GM bag would be big for me.

    This is my "pre-Birkin" bag until my order Birkin 36 HAC arrives in the near future..which is hopefully...Graphite w/ Ruthenium or Potiron w/Gold..Still waiting patiently..ETA 3-11months as of now!!;)

    Thanks all!!
  2. i would vote for blue jean :smile:
  3. Rouge H vote from me and by all means, get the GM!
  4. Well, this one is easy!

    I say Rouge H. It is GORGEOUS! It is a red, but it is subtle and extremely classic. It doesn't scream "in your face", but it is a perfect red and you will be noticed. I also feel it is somewhat of a neutral that is like a brown "with a pop". You don't need to look at any other reds once you decide on this.
  5. I just saw a guy who was about your height try on the GM and it suited him. Have you tried it on?
  6. BJ. Nice and casual.
  7. Another vote, here, for Rouge H....is there any way you can try on for size before you purchase?

    Congratulations on your pick of a fabulous H style!
  8. Rouge in GM!
  9. I like the blue jean.
  10. I'd say BJ! I have an Evelyn PM in Blue Brighton, Clemence leather. Clemence is great for an Evelyn becoz it "wraps" round your thigh naturally and looks less stiff than one in epsom. :yes:
  11. BJ in GM!
  12. Rouge H in GM for the reasons KB mentioned above; I'm 5' 3" and the GM looked okay on me. I'd also advise you to choose a softer leather like Clemence. I received a Potiron GM in Epsom, and it was a bit too stiff for this particular style so it went back.
  13. Orange GM in clemence -- ove that color!
  14. ^^ I second what orchids said. Evelyn in Epsom is too stiff. I sent my back and got a barenia instead. Love barenia in this style. After seeing gina's photo of ebene barenia (this is a new colour for barenia, right?), I think Evelyn in that would be gorgeous. But I guess you want more "colour".

    If I have to pick one of the 3, and no other, then BJ gets my vote.
  15. OK, you know I have to vote for my BJ Clemence! :yes: I'm 5'7 and the PM fits me perfectly.
    Rouge H and Potiron are my other favorite colors too. I saw an Evelyne in Rouge H and it was tdf...I had to restrain myself from buying a second Evelyne. :sweatdrop: