Evelyn in PM or MM, etoupe or gold?? HELP!

  1. Hi everybody! I have just found Hermes and the beautiful bags like Evelyne, Vespa and Picotin. I want to buy my very first Hermes bag soon and I would appreciate some help from you "pros" with this BIG decision. :nuts: I think I will start with Evelyne because it seems very practical (as a mom for two small girls) and somehow I love the desing like the pierced H on front. I like the colors gold, etoupe and orange. Orange will be the choice for the next summer so that leaves gold and etoupe. Any opinions? What "works" better in Evelyne, etoupe or gold? I want definitely have some bag in etoupe but would it be in Evelyne or for example Picotin?? I think I will choose orange Evelyn for the next summer, but it doesn't necessarily prevent the chose for the etoupe Evelyne for the autumn/winter. And what about the sizes???? I haven't seen any sizes in live, so I am hesitating if the pm is too small or the MM/GM too big.. As a former LV girl I have used LV Bosphore (about 26x27cm) but it is a bit small so Evelyne can definitely be a bit bigger. I would be so thrilled to get any opinions, advice and help from you guys!! TIA!! :smile:
  2. Personally I think a Picotin looks better in Etoupe than an Evelyne does. A picotin in Etoupe is a great go to bag that will match with anything! A picotin in gold if its PM or MM isn't my favorite look but when I saw one in GM it was to die for!

    I like Evelynes in bright colors so go for the orange in that one!

    How tall are you so I can help you about PM or MM?
  3. PM etoupe would work really well with most colours and year round and pm is a good size.
  4. Welcome to the the orange side:graucho:...my suggestion would be to go into the store and try everything on. Something you may think would work, might not and vice versa. also, different colors in different leathers really make a difference. GL!!
  5. Hi there! thank you for your thoughts!! I am 66 inches (170cm) tall.
  6. I vote for the evelyn in etoupe - probably PM and...as many picotins as you can collect up in the MM size in every POP color there is. :biggrin: I LOVE LOVE LOVE the picotin! Orange, Iris, Rubis, Chartreuse, white, indigo, soleil, etc. :heart:
  7. If you love the orange, why not go for that first? It's not just a summer color. You can wear orange with brown for a perfect fall look and with winter white for a touch of warmth during the colder months.

    Have you see the Raisin Evelyne on the Hermes website? It's the most neutral purple you will ever find.

    Welcome to Hermes. You'll never carry Vuitton again.
  8. The website has a raisin???


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  9. I looked.


    The website's colors are always so off from what they look like IRL.


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  10. Evelyne is a great choice for a first hermes bag and a mother ;)
    I have a PM1 in prune and I love it it's my everyday bag :love:
    Have you a store near you? the best is to try sizes, colors and leathers is real. I'm 158cm and the PM is a great size for me maybe the GM is better for you.
  11. I have to say I LOOOVE the Hermes orange! I will most definitely get the orange Evelyne for the next summer. And the orange oran sandals if I can find them.. The problem is that where I live we don't have Hermes store. So the only option I have is too choose based on the pics and your advice. ;) I have only once seen the orange Evelyne, two weeks ago in Italy, but the person wearing it did not have in on her shoulder so I don't know how that looked and I don't know the size (I think it was pm because it looked kind of small and compact). But the orange color worked so well in that bag that instantly I wanted to have that same bag. Now I have found out that there are more beautiful colors like etoupe and gold.. and more beautiful models like Picotin. I saw Katie Holmes carrying orange Picotin in one picture and I loved it! But I also think etoupe looks working well in Picotin.. Uhhh, this is HARD! Btw, you mentioned different leather types, anything I should know/learn about?? Do I have to choose between different leather types as well??
  12. Oh wow, you are all so incredibly nice sending kind comments and wonderful advice!! Thanks heaps!! :flowers:
    I have to say that etoupe is probably the most "me" color of these three. I wear usually only brown, grey, white and light pink in clothes and etoupe goes with everything. But I haven't seen Hermes etoupe live (and gold neither)! Hermes orange is the most beautiful shade of orange I can think of in acessories. I found Picotin model accidently on eBay and fell in love! So I think I will follow your advice irishlass1029 and try to get Picotin in as many colors I can (and afford). This will be a few years project but a fun one! And I have already forgot I ever had any Vuittons.. ;) Btw, why do you recommend MM size for Picotin? Is it the best choice in that model??
  13. Hello restricter!! I have to admit I really loved the orange Evelyne when I saw it in Italy. I think it was PM but I can't be sure.. And you are right, orange can be used in fall and winter. I just thought that because definitely I want them both the brown (meaning etoupe or gold) would be more practical choice now and orange for the summer.
    And thank you! I know Vuittons will never look the same to me from now on! But if I think my poor credit card (or ask my dear hubby) I probably should have stayed with the plastic Vuittons.. Hihii..
  14. Hi lilou! If I am 170cm is GM the best option for me, what do you think? Should I make the decision of the size based on my length? I mean, I had the impression GM is VERY big and looks kind of bulky. I don't carry lots of things with me and I am also afraid GM looks too heavy. The strap doesn't seem very long so the bag comes quite near to the armpit, am I right? My overall style is very classic and sophisticated and I don't want to look like a student with a big over the shoulder bag ;) So do you think GM is "graceful" enough (I hope I used the right word, sorry for my clumsy english!!)
  15. Well it's not so large as to swallow me - I'm on the small side. And it's still large enough to carry the same things I carry in my 35 birkin. It's MY perfect size, but I have a wonderful friend who has lots of TGM picotins. I could literally crawl inside one of them! There's PM, MM, GM and TGM - and I *think* there might be a TPM unless I just dreamed it. LOL!

    As for leathers, I am partial to clemence in picotins. And if I ever get an evelyne, it will be clemence. And if I ever get a 30 cm birkin, it will be clemence. But for 35 birkin or HAC, I prefer chevre. I would also like a Paris Bombay in box or tadelact. And a Victoria in clemence. And and and... :lolots: Just go to the reference section and research the various leathers. There are lots of them and certain ones only come in certain bags and certain colors. And then there's barenia. *sigh* Choosing is akin to studying for finals. :biggrin: