Evelyn... in New Blue...

  1. I saw a beautiful :heart: Evelyn(I think it is the largest size) in new Blue. I liked the color a lot. But I did not check the price and inside of the bag. I know strap is frabric(?) not leather. Does any one know the current price and approx. dimention of largest Evelyn bag? What is inner lining is made of? Is is suede, fabric or something else? Thanks.
  2. Oh, sorry guys...I found dimentions for the GM size and TGM from an old thread. But I could not find price for GM or TGM size. Can anyone help?
  3. I just looked at a large evelyne over the weekend in togo and it was around 2200
  4. My Evelyne PM (medium) in clemence was E1200.

    I LOVE the new brighton blue colour! Is this the colour you saw?
  5. My SA said it was 'new blue' that just came out.
  6. Sounds beautiful!
  7. The inside has a leather pocket and the rest is suede. :flowers: