Evelyn and Vespa bags

  1. I am so new to Hermes -- the evelyn and vespa look kind of similar to me. Are there any major differences? Does anyone know the approximate costs? TIA
  2. The two major differences are the toggle and chain on the Vespa that seals it and the fact that the Evelyne has a canvas shoulder strap that can be doubled. Vespa strap is leather.
    I'm more of an Evelyne kind of gal. Pm starts at around $1600.
  3. Hi lulilu, the Vespa somewhat tapers near the top while the Evelyne doesn't.

    GT, I think only the Vespa TPM has an all-leather strap (like Evelyne TPM); for the other sizes it has a canvas strap. Or has the Vespa been revamped to have all-leather straps for all sizes? =) How I'd love that!

    I like the Evelyne more, too!
  4. My vespa which i bought in london in july has a canvas strap ! I wanted a leather one but it would have to be S Orderd. I love both styles but the toggle did it for me in the vespa in pounds they are about the same price 1400.00:smile:
  5. OOps, my bad. Okay, in BOTH Evelyne and Vespa the tpm versions have leather straps. All other sizes have canvas straps that can be doubled.
  6. Thanks ladies. I think the evelyne is next on my list.
  7. I've heard there's a yummy new one - Evelyn 2........I'd like one ogf these!!
  8. Kristie, the Evelyne 2 is the one w/ the gussetted back pocket instead of the interior pocket! I like this version better, too!
  9. I'm also going to choose the pm2 when I get my BJ.
  10. I have the Evelyne with the inside pocket. Since you are "supposed" to wear the H next to you I liked the non-pocket front. :shame: The Evelyne is a great bag!!!! :flowers: :flowers:
  11. Hello my evelyne doesn't have an inside pocket do you think i have got a duff one ?or do some not have the pocket.
  12. Georgiagirl, is yours the GM size? I'm sorry to confuse you! I was talking about the PM size, which has that interior pocket.
  13. Hi yes mine is the GM .Worry over .Thanks for the reply.:flowers:
  14. Sorry georgiagirl, mine's a PM too.