Eve Lom or La Mer

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  1. I want to buy some new face products and cant decide between La Mer or Eve Lom, I use Clarins at the moment but want to try something different.

    Any thoughts on these two products?
  2. what's your skin type?
  3. Im 22 although I get quite dry skin at some times although I dont really like thick creams.....
  4. La Mer may be too rich for you - it's targeted more towards "mature" skin. I don't know anything about Eve Lom{?}
  5. I use the Eve Lom cleanser, and it's fab. I only use it once or twice a week though, I doubt anyone would need to use it daily. I also use the TLC cream once a week, at night, but have found the day cream too rich.

    I never got on with Creme de la Mer. Used it for a while, but I certainly never saw any improvements, and it is, as SWo3 said, also very rich.

    How about getting the Eve Lom travel pack, then you can try them without paying out big bucks in case you don't like it?


    Good luck!

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