Eva's Wedding Dress, Shoes and Cake!

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  1. I've got the new OK! magazine and here are some photos of Eva's dress.

    I'm not too keen on the Red Cake but I love her Red Evening outfit and her specially made shoes which have "Eva and Tony" and "July 7th 2007" written in them!
    DSCF0003.jpg DSCF0005.jpg DSCF0006.jpg DSCF0007.jpg DSCF0008.jpg
  2. The shoes and rings! The photo of the rings is not very good - I'll try and get a better one.
    DSCF0010.jpg DSCF0004.jpg
  3. Eva's wedding gown was handmade, designed by Angel Sanchez. It was made of silk wool and gazar, and came complete with a 10ft cascading train - featuring four rows of metallic embroidered edging - which was fitted and fishtailed out. It took 20 dressmakers to make the dress and embroider all the edges by hand.

    Eva's ring is a Piaget-designed white gold possession ring encrusted with 107 diamonds. Both Eva's and Tony's rings have personal engravings in French on them.

    They ate Lobster medallion skewers in gazpacho, topped with pistachio oil and Avruga caviar pearls, followed by sea bass filet and creamy truffle risotto.

    For the main course there was filet mignon of beef with baby vegetables, morel mushroom sauce and pureed Dalloyau potatoes.

    Eva's evening dress was a gift from Christian Lacroix.

    Tony made his vows in English and Eva made her's in French - apparently she giggled as she was trying to get them right but she did okay!
  4. OMG, sorry but this woman is just too embarrassing.
    It was very personal??? Exactly... She sold her wedding... how could this be personal?
  5. ew. the dress is horrid and huge like a big poufy meringue, the big farrah hair is unfortunate as well and the rings are fug too. overall, typical celeb mega-wedding overkill and tacky as hell.
    i believe dlisted called that red thing a 'tampon cake'
  6. I LOVE her gorgeous engagement ring, but I personally think she ruined it with that tacky ginormous wedding band. It totally takes away from the impact of her incredible emerald-cut diamond. She just took it several steps too far, in my opinion.
  7. Money can't buy taste. Red cake?
  8. ITA :yes:
  9. Ahem... the cake really looks like something I would not recommend eating to my kids! It looks a little poisonous! :wtf:
  10. Everybody's vision of their perfect wedding day is different...I think it's important to remember that.
  11. I don't mind the lavish trappings, how over-the-top it all may be. What DOES bother me though is the over-the-top need to publicize every lavish detail of it and then sell it for $2 million -- OK, fine, you want the whole world to see the glitz, glamour and the dough -- but I think that ALONG with THAT, there should be some mention of some sort of charitable donation or endeavor. In other words, while you're showing the world your money (which is fine) I think it's only appropriate to ALSO give some of that badly needed money to the seriously less fortunate people in the world. If they are not going to do that, well then, all I can think is -- Greedy Garish and Glutton.

    My sincere aplogies if there WAS a charitable action from these two...if so, I haven't seen it but would really like to. I truly hope I am wrong.
  12. The cake doesen't look edible. And the dress was really way too much, not pretty at all. Oh well... Who is this Eva person anyways?
  13. I don't like her wedding dress, just too OTT but her red dress is TDF and her shoes are cute!
    Not too keen on the cake, but at least it's different!
  14. I always used to say how i despised weddings that were simple and plain/chic the NY girls style your know. but those are 100x better that the crap she served up! Ok i love eva but she learnt how to define tacky. totally agree about the rings, takes away from that gorgeous engagement ring! i have said it earlier but i stick to my guns, she does not have the height for such a dress (and although i like her hair, it should be simple and straight or bun-ed up for a dress like that.) and the sequins on the dress suck they look like they cos twenty cents. and lol at period cake soo true! p.s did anyone find the figurine thing soo tacky? eva was made small (like she is IRL) and Tony was a plastic barbie doll in his uniform having his legs wrapped around her? Ewww a bit condescending
  15. Wow. That dress. Who does she think she is? Princess Di? lol. That's very tacky IMO.

    I don't dislike Eva, I think she's cute and funny. But my goodness! Gauche is the best word I can think of to describe it.