Eva's dress...similar style?

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  1. Hi everyone!

    I think that the dress Eva is wearing is from Roberto Cavalli's line for H & M, please correct me if I am wrong. I tried looking on ebay but no luck. Does anyone know of a similar style dress or where I should look? Thanks!

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  2. i'll shop around and do my best to find it or something similar (heck i have some time on my hands!) someone will come through i'm sure, i've seen this dress before!
  3. ouch i just found this bit of info here


    i'll keep lookin!
  4. unfortunately in yellow and out of stock, you'd have to make some phone calls:



    another, teeshirt, different style, same kinda idea

    bit more casual if u ask me:


  5. :yahoo:Vic you are THE best!!!! I am still going to try ebay (every so often) but am going to check out some this sites you've got here. Thanks so much!!!! :hugs:
  6. really cute dress! good luck
  7. no problemo, anytime! lemme know if you ever need help searching a style ;) i'm here for ya!

    PS thats goes for everyone!
  8. Wow your good...
    And to think I've been looking for a jacket I saw on rhianna for the last 2 weeks. And I havent found anything remotely close to it. Yet you managed to find several looks of this dress soo quickly.:supacool:
  9. yikes i will take a look at it lol
  10. Oh Vic I love the fade too!! Girl you need to be a personal shopper or stylist!!! LOL! :ty:
  11. good job vicious!