Evangeline Lilly

  1. I am very surprised she doesn't have a thread yet so i've made one for her. I hope that's ok?
  2. Love her!!!!
  3. ^ me too..:biggrin:

    Can I post thumbnails in this forum? I want to post some HQ pics?
  4. FINALLY!!! LOOOOOOOVE HER! is she still with her Lost co-star? I ´m still wishing she and Jack or Sawyer will get together in real life..but um not that guy...!?!
  5. I think it's fine as long as you name the source
  6. Nah!! Dominic Monaghan (Charlie from Lost) and Evangeline broke up a few years ago and she is now pregnant with another guys baby, her boyfriend who used to work as a crew member on Lost. So I highly doubt the real life Jack/Sawyer hook-up is going to happen now.
  7. Can't post the thumbnails for some very odd reason so here are the links to a few new-ish candids from late last year -

    Evangeline Lilly with her new Boyfriend spotted in Hawaii, Nov 21 2010


    Evangeline Lilly & Josh Holloway at a Softball Game in Hawaii, Nov 22 2010


    Evangeline Lilly out and about in Hawaii, Dec 1st 2010


    Evangeline Lilly spotted out & about shopping in Hawaii, Dec 3 2010

  8. she's pregnant!?
  9. Yes she is! :nuts:
  10. freckles! love her!
  11. Is she carrying a Giani Bernini?
  12. Awww i loved LOST and liked Evangelines character "Kate", i don't think i have watched her in anything else but that but i do think that she played the part well and did a good job.
    I never thought she looked right with Dom though, they were a mis-match of a couple so nice to see that she is with somebody else now.
    Strange that she is pregnant now though, as when i think of her i think of Kate, lol!
  13. I always though that they were mis-matched too plus Dom really irked me for reasons I can't explain so i'm glad she's not with him anymore.

    Hopefully we will get to see some pictures of the baby once its born and by pictures I mean candids because I doubt she will sell them to a tabloid magazine, she hasn't even 'announced' her pregnancy yet.
  14. exactly. I could see Dom with Avril Lavigne but not her! they looked weird together