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  1. Oops! I'm so sorry for the belated reply, but thank you!!

    Thanks! :hugs:

    Thank you for visiting! :smile:

    Thanks! Me too! I would really love to get my hands on the hot pink LPs!

    Thank you! I'm not married yet hehe but am already thinking of wearing these to my wedding reception :p Yes sounds like we're the similar size! I'm definitely 35 in current season shoes - VPs, ron rons, yo-yos. My PPs, Lady Peeps and Corneilles are all 35 and they fit perfectly. The Lady Peeps are a little tight straight from the box, but they will mould to your feet with wear. I originally purchased them in 35.5 but they were too big, even with insoles! So I returned them for a size 35. With 150mm heel height, you really need them to be secure to your feet. The white Corneilles would be amazing for a wedding, although I have to say that they are not the comfiest style! Hope that helps, let me know if you have any other questions :flowers:

    Thanks very much! :smile:
  2. Whoa!! Those silver cosmo LP!!! :faint:
  3. STUNNING Stunning collections of the CL!! Congratsss!!
  4. lovely collection, one of my favs is the Simple Pumps in Black Python as i had to sell mine because they were too small. Thanks for sharing.
  5. Thanks much for the info, my shoe size twin! Ouuhhh not comfy..?! I dont want that for my wedding day.. :p Maybe I will go with Crystal strassed VP then. Those are comfy hehe. Hmmm.. I am wondering if you have any pigalle 120s or any chance trying them? I am struggling between 34 or 34.5 but there are no stock anywhere near me in store. I will have to order them online
  6. Wow -- LOVE all your new additions -- esp Lady Peep red eel, LP cosmo and PP gold glitter! :hbeat: I would love to get my hands on a pair of PP gold glitter for strassing :graucho: Congrats on your wedding!
  7. Gorgeous collection! I wouldn't call this modest - I call it a very solid number of Loubies :smile: congrats!
  8. I know dbeth! Everytime I see them, my heart skips a beat!! Thanks for dropping by :smooch:

    Thank you!!!

    Thanks so much! Unfortunately I'm letting them go.. :crybaby: I have soooo many black shoes and prefer the Ron Rons to Simples! They definitely deserve a much better home!

    Not a problem at all! Maybe once they are broken in, it will be a different story altogether, but given it's your wedding day, you want a relatively comfy shoes from the start, right? :smile: Yes crystal stressed VPs would be amazing, go for it!!! Fancy you should ask me about the Pigalle 120s, I just ordered them tonight off NAP! :yahoo: I bought them a while back in size 34 but they were unbelievably tight so I had to return them. I stalked NAP every night for the 34.5 to come back in stock and finally they were up again tonight! They must have been someone's return. I will definitely report how they fit as soon as I get them :smile:

    Thank you Dessye!! My wedding is VERY far off!! But a girl can always have the right shoes first, right? Those can be way harder to find than the right man :lol:

    Thanks!! I try to maintain my collection to one that I love and wear so my collection is always evolving! :smile:
  9. Hi,

    Can you tell me where you bought those gold glitter slingback shoe?

    Thank you
  10. I can't seem to see any of the pics of your gorgeous CLs apart from the first pic of the boxes... What am I doing wrong??
  11. Hi! I bought those from Neiman Marcus Las Vegas in 2009. Sorry can't be of much help - your best bet is probably eBay!

    Hi hun! Great to see you here! I took down my pics as I hated the format I did them in. One of these days when I have the time, I'll probably re-upload everything again :smile: But if you look a couple of pages back, I have some pics of my additions!
  12. Ok, so I'm absolutely terrible at updating my collection thread :shame: but it has been a crazy past couple of years (didn't stop me from buying new shoes though :roflmfao: )... During this time I completed my PhD, got married and moved to a new country :balloon: My collection has changed quite a bit since I first started. Some shoes are here to stay, but most have gone to new homes, and new ones have come to join my little family :smile:

    I couldn't think of anywhere else to put this in, so I've dragged up my sad little thread. We've just settled in our new home, and my father-in-law drilled extra holes in my Billy shelf to fit more shoes!!! :loveeyes:

    And this is what the current collection looks like :smile: Have fun identifying the styles (a handful are non CLs)!


    PS: Sorry about the crazy watermarks. Unfortunately I've had my pics stolen before so it has become a habit to watermark my pics ever since!
  13. Ermagerd, that's amazing! Your collection and display is gorgeous. Also, congratulations on your PhD and marriage!
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    You have an incredible collection!! Great blacks and neutrals with some colour. Super attractive to me!! :hbeat:
  15. Hi evanescent!

    I see a pair of Dorepis in your book case. I have one too, but I cannot make em work. I took the same size as my P120s, but I am thinking the heels are cut lower making it hard to keep my feet in.
    How are they for you?