evanescent's List of Loves

  1. You have a beautiful collection! I love your purple madame butterfly pumps!
  2. Beautiful collection! I adore the lady page - so pinup!! I'd never seen the moonbow style before - they're stunning :smile:
  3. Your collection is amazing! Congrats!!!
  4. Moonbows- ohmygoddnneeeessss! Theyre gorgeous...! Love them!
  5. you have a lovely collection! i love the lady page and lace pairs!!! :hbeat:
  6. Beautiful collection! Love the VP lace and lady page!!
  7. Very nice collection!!
  8. Such a great collection, those oxblood Lady Page's are absolutely gorgeous!
  9. Lovely collection! My favorites are the lady page! :love:
  10. I love your collection!! Adore the moonbows!
  11. Beautiful collection!! I love seeing all my other Aussie girls' shoes!
  12. Thanks for visiting my little corner of CLs, Prada_Princess, marie-lou, LVoepink, poppyseed (the lady pages are so gorgeous, but oh so deadly! they are still unworn as I'm struggling to walk in these!), Nolia, Stephanie, needloub (that's what I hope to achieve with my collection! :smile:, Mikaela, Emma, l.a_girl19, GrRoxy, jeshika (btw your collection is one of my favourites on here!! :love:), dc419, LizzielovesCL, heiress-ox, laleeza, rdgldy (the moonbows are one of my greatest loves!), oxox (hello my fellow Aussie!!! Have you tried emailing around for the nude patent VPs? Let me know if you need some contact details)
  13. Lovely collection!! I :heart: the Moonbows!!
  14. Love your collection! Love that we are the same shoe size for the most part! I'm a 34.5-35 in CL's hehehe loving your collection!
  15. You have a beautiful collection, I particularly adore the purple Madam Butterflys :love:.