evanescent's babies

  1. im so glad to have discovered this forum and fellow bag lovers! :love:

    here are some of the bags i've amassed over the years - as i live in 3 different continents my bags are all over the place! some of the bags that are here with me in perth are below. i enjoyed looking at other bag addicts' collections and wanted to share mine :smile:

    LV family shot
    LV Family.JPG
  2. VERY nice collection!
  3. First, REALLY CUTE avatar! Second, you have wonderful taste in bags! Your collection is lovely! Thanks for the picture!
  4. Pretty collection!
    Cute Papillion what size is that 26?
  5. Very nice collection! I agree w/ print*model ... your avatar is really sweet!
  6. LOVE them all!!!:love: And agree with the ladies above me, your avatar is really cute!:smile:
  7. Wow! Three *continents*??? That's amazing!
    Wonderful collection, and thanks for sharing!
  8. hi eva! nice to see you on here too.
    i thought you have more bags than that? take an updated family photo and post here for all to admire!

    the pap is actually the 19. the smallest one. its really cute!
  9. Very nice Vuittons!
  10. hi everyone and thanks for viewing my collection. lavie, its so nice to see u on here as well!

    i kinda clicked "submit post" too early, more pics are coming :shame:
  11. LV epi individual pics:
    LV Family Epi.JPG LV Epi Accessories Pochette Black.JPG LV Epi Accessories Pochette Lilac.JPG LV Epi Honfleur.JPG LV Epi Petit Noe.JPG
  12. LV mini monogram individual pics:
    LV Family Mini Monogram.JPG LV Mini Monogram Anne Sophie.JPG LV Mini Monogram Josephine.JPG LV Mini Monogram Noelie.JPG
  13. LV monogram individual pics:
    LV Family Monogram.JPG LV Speedy Family.JPG LV Monogram Mini HL.JPG LV Monogram Speedy 25.JPG LV Monogram Speedy 30.JPG LV Monogram Accessories Pochette.JPG LV Monogram Papillon 19.JPG
  14. other individual pics - cherry blossom, antigua besace, onatah PM and small accessories:
    LV Cherry Blossom Pochette.JPG LV Antigua Besace.JPG LV Onatah PM.JPG LV Family Small Accessories.JPG
  15. balenciagas:
    Balenciaga Collection.JPG Balenciaga Box - Red.JPG Balenciaga Classique.JPG Balenciaga Day - Teal.JPG Balenciaga Twiggy - Calcaire.JPG