Evacuate the Building? Go to Hermes! My Reveal...

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  1. The fire alarm went off at work today and everyone had to evacuate the building. Instead of standing outside in the cold, I walked over to H and discovered a Kelly pochette that had just arrived. I’ve been trying to curtail my H purchases, but I just couldn’t walk away from this lovely little bag!
  2. Good for you, PurpleD! That is called efficient use of time! Why just stand around when there is shopping to be done? What color is your gorgy pochette? On my monitor, I can't tell if it is green or black (or blue)?
  3. Got to love fire alarms -- especially those where you can get to H! (We're stuck with Starbucks.) Back to the point, that is a beautiful pochette. What colour is it? The picture isn't clear.
  4. Isn't it great being so close to an H store? Congratulations on your kp! IWhat are the specs?
  5. Hi Ninja - Its black swift with PHW. The blackberry camera technology isn't the most advanced :shame:
  6. Great bag!!
  7. You are so lucky!! There is absolutely NO shopping by my workplace... Congrats on your new KP!! Black swift must feel so nice and soft!
  8. I love this size!!!:P Congratulations
  9. Congratulations! That's the clutch I've been looking for!
  10. PurpleD--------Lovely bag!
  11. Wow...I wish that would happen to me. Hope no fire though!
  12. That is perfect! I just love it! Congratulations, and good job- that is the best use of time on the job ever!
  13. That would be soooo dangerous for me to have an H store right next to or close to work! Congrats on your gorgy bag! What a score!
  14. Thanks ladies. I fell in love with the size of this bag – its so cute and small (perfect for the evening). And I love the velvety feel of swift. I was completely helpless!

  15. lovely! congrats!