1. Went to LV to get the Florin wallet as a gift for DH (as I saw his wallet is dying, crying in need to be change:lol:). I was considering to get the pomme Vernis cosmetic case for myself. But then it's sold out in all colours so I decided to get myself Eva and a silk scarf.
    I think once I get the cosmetic case (I'm on waitlist), I'm putting myself on :banned:
    2 purchases lot in just a month (almost $7k spent) is :nogood:
    Btw, anyone know what this scarf is called?
    And oh..I can't believe how cute yet classy the eva is!

    And yes...while I was there, I saw the biker bag with green exotic leather:drool:! It's even beautiful than Rihanna's one cos besides the exotic leather handles, the overall of the bag is also quite different (not shiny). And it's exclusive an the only piece in Australia.....at AUD$18,000!!:upsidedown:
    DSC07423.jpg DSC07422.jpg DSC07423-.jpg DSC07400.jpg
  2. The scarf is called the POP scarf, Cute purchases btw.
    LOVE the Eva.
  3. The Eva is so pretty!
  4. Very cute. I love the scarf!
  5. GREAT purchases!!! congrats! The Eva and the scarf are both TDF!
  6. Congrats, the scarf is TDF and I love the Eva! Wallet looks great as well!
  7. congrats...:tup:
  8. Congrats, I love scarves.
  9. congrats!
  10. Love, LOVE, LVOE your purchases! I think the Eva is just perfect! And the Pop scarf is so pretty!

    Are you sure you don't want the exotic motard biker? :p
  11. cute, congrats! great purchases!
  12. Wow I love the scarf and the Eva!:tup:
  13. Very cute purchases ! Congrats !
  14. very cute enjoy
  15. Congrats!!! Love all your new stuff!!!