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    The next starlet, in a long list of celebrities, ready to be a spokesmodel for a signature perfume is French actress Eva Green. Green played Vesper Lynd in the blockbuster James Bond film Casino Royale.

    The actress will be the face for "Midnight Poison" by Christian Dior, which is expected to be released in September.
  2. i dont like her on this pic but she looked gorgeous in the movie:drool:... still she will be so much more suitable than Jessica Stam :tdown:
  3. second-ing nat's opinion. i find her pretty stunning in pictures but i've not seen the james bond flick (and i'm not planning to). i wish dior would get dita von teese to do their ads - particularly the perfume ads, i think it'd go nicely with her burlesque image.
  4. She looks beautyful!

  5. ITA ! i think Dita is a perfect mix of sex appeal and class ...she would be great ! :drool:
  6. Beautiful woman.
  7. Oh she looks BEAUTIFUL!!!!