Eva without make up

  1. It's a wonder what a little make up can do. She scares me.

  2. I still think she looks gorgeous. beautiful skin.
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    I think this may have been a double from another thread...off to check.
  4. she's cute! I think people get too used to seeing someone with alot of makeup that they forget how beautiful women really are without it.
  5. Yes, she's still pretty. Not as glamorous or sexy, but still cute.
  6. makeup can do wonders! :yes:
  7. i think she's still pretty.
  8. She is still pretty, but it makes me think "darn ide look SOOO hot then with a good makeup artist!" :P
  9. wow, its amazing how much of makeup they put on celebs, she looks like a completely different person! Still pretty tho :smile:
  10. she looks like a completely different person! God that makes me feel good about how I look without makeup..

    I was watching what not to wear today and there was a girl on there who looked like a freaking hippy and she was only 21! I never would have guessed-she looked so old! Then they cut her hair and put on some makeup and BAM! She looked like a freaking supermodel. Not to mention she also had the bod of a model, too. Just shows what a good makeup artist can do for you!
  11. WOW...still cute but WOW..I will never recognize her on the street. I am surprised Papz did.
  12. She looks gorgeous. Just wayyy younger. She definatly doesnt look her age!
  13. I think she looks GREAT without make up!!!:yes::love:
  14. She does still look fab without make-up, but it just goes to show how much make-up these celebs actually wear!
  15. I didnt even recognize her! She looks normal. The lighting is kind of bad though, it makes her upper lip look like a hairy beast, rawr!