Eva - who is waiting for her arrival March 1st!

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  1. Just WL for Eva yesterday....was 1st on the list! I thinsk she is adorable and functionable.
    Just wondering if anyone else is interested in this bag?
  2. I'm actually intrigued to see it in IRL, but am not WL. I want to try it on first.
  3. the other day, a tpf member purchased an eva and posted pics. it looked beautiful on her. have you seen them?
  4. I'm on the WL as well. I will replace my Pochette with Eva. I can't wait! :smile:
  5. i'm not going to WL for eva since i already have sophie - which i LOVE! i'm sure you would love eva! she's a beauty...!
  6. Eva's really cute I'm not sure if she's too small for me though
    I'm not waitlisted either I only WL for the LE's and pick up the others here and there I figure they can wait the LE's can't
  7. I am really tempted to get EVA, but I'm not sure if It's going to be functional for lifestyle now, I am a Mom who carries big bag ...
    maybe I should wait and see it IRL, and I'll decide to get it if it releases in March.
  8. I asked my SA about it today, she wasnt sure
    does anyone know when it comes out in Canada?
  9. also - does anyone know the price of the eva?
  10. ^^I think it may be around $510? I am excited for mine. I loved the Sophie but never got one.
  11. ohhh $510's not too bad...wasn't the sophie over $700?
  12. I'm on WL. :popcorn:
  13. what's the difference between the eva and the sophie?
  14. The Eva is beautiful! Love the long strap.. It's selling $510US on eluxury! I wish i could purchase on eluxury, australia is more expensive!