EVA waitlisted!!!

  1. Ok, I am really excited because she doesn't come out until March but I am officially wait listed for the EVA! I'm hoping that I will love it even better than the Sophie! And I was going to waitlist for a violette or miroir (sp?) heart but finally saw the POMME in person and fell in love!:heart:

    I know I didn't come home with any actual LV but I am still so excited I could BURST!:yahoo:
  2. I don't know what the EVA looks like, anybody have pics?
  3. its JUST LIKE the sophie
  4. Does anyone know if this will be part of the permanent collection?
  5. Just gorgeous!
  6. Is this available worldwide? How much is it?
  7. yes I think world wide and 480 dolar or something... you can find more infos at SS2008 referrance lib..
  8. oh, thanks for the pix.
  9. does anyone have the dimensions of the bottom?
  10. Very cute bag...from the picture though it looks like it's even smaller than the sophie...I've gradually become a huge bag person and maybe this would be a nice change...hmmm..
  11. This bag is so gorgeous.. but I cannot find it in eluxury. And I called LV at my country, the SA seems like never heard about this. How do I make sure I can get one for myself too.. :crybaby:

  12. I don't think this bag is due out till March or maybe even later. I had the SA put me on the waiting list...I'm glad she at least knew what I was talking about!:sweatdrop:
  13. Oh ChocoGrace, you are so lucky!