Eva vs Bal Ticket

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  1. So I asked this question in the Bal forum and had a few replies. I'd like to see what you LV girls think. I got the Bal ticket but I'm not really using it as much as I wish. It's quite flat, so it's rather small. I can only carry cash, my mobile, keys and a tube of lipstick in it. I feel that it looks a little childish also. :shrugs:

    I'm thinking of selling it and getting the Eva instead. I'll surely lose some money on it though. The only reasons I'm hesitating over the Eva is I'd have to get a cobbler to shorten the strap for me and there isn't a pocket for the Eva, how do I separate my mobile from my keys so it doesn't get scratched? I doubt the Eva is big enough for a zippy AND a key pouch AND a mobile right?

    What do you guys think? Should I sell the ticket and get the eva? :confused1:



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  2. Sell the Bal and get the EVA.
  3. If you're not happy with your Ticket, get the Eva, it's such a classic piece.
  4. I actually really like the Balenciaga, but the Damier Ebene Eva is beautiful, versatile in how it can be worn and it seems to hold quite a bit for such a compact bag, so you won't go wrong with it!
  5. i love the color of the bal, but i'm not liking that clip at all. while i appreciate eva, she's not for me. with both of those things being said, i'd go with eva still. :biggrin:
  6. The EVA is quite decieving! I don't think you will have any trouble getting that in the EVA, I can get 2 phones (iPhone and bulky Sony ericcson), some cash and cards, not in a wallet, some tissues, lipstick, eyeliner, 30ml perfume and a small hairbrush! It is quite full but I like it like that! This bag is so versatile, crossbody, shoulder carry or as a wristlet! You won't regret it!
  7. Get the Eva. It's larger than you think!
  8. get the eva !!
  9. Love the color of the Bal! Almost got the same bag in another color, then decided that I will want the Eva anyway. Have you considered Eva in Azur? It will match the same stuff as that Bal ticket. Eva fits my essentials - ZCP, cles with big chunky key fobs, cellphone, some cosmetics.
  10. Eva hands down!
  11. Sell the Bal and get the Eva, I think the blue color limits you and you'll get more use out of the LV.
  12. Ohhh.. I'm still confused. haha! But thanks for the inputs. Can someone tell me if a keypouch AND a zippy coin purse as well as a mobile n a lipstick would fit in the Eva?
  13. Yes. I've stuffed a little more than that in my Eva before.
  14. I prefer the Eva ! It can be worn 3 different ways, looks a little classier than the Bal and it CAN fit the zippy, handphone and keys ! I just fit my insolite coin purse, iphone and throw my keys in my Eva but then again my iPhone has a cover on the front to protect it from scratches. Maybe get the Eva AND a key holder ? Hehe !
  15. Ok, now I'm leaning in favor of the Eva. But...would it be easy to alter the length of the strap? I'm very petite and it is way too long for me. The ticket's length is the longest I can go.