Eva scarf?

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  1. Has anyone heard of a waterproof scarf that has two "heads" of hair on it?

    Does anyone know where I can get one?

    Thanks :flowers:
  2. I saw a pic of it somewhere I think...it had braids? I'll look around and see if I can remember where I saw it...:shame:
  3. I think I saw one on ebay...I'll look too.
  4. credit: hermeslady (she sold it already though)



  5. I don't think it's waterproof though.
  6. I am hoping it's water resistant! That is, I believe it's treated so that when hit with rain, the water forms droplets that roll right off.

    And I am the lucky buyer of the one that hermeslady listed! I hope to get it later this week :smile:
  7. Apparently (this is what I have learned from a scarf connoisseuse) there were some waterproof scarves made, however the 'hair' scarf was not one of them IIRC

    Then there was a period in Hermes scarf making when the scarves were coated with some kind of starch that makes it seem waterresistant. You shouldn't wash that kind of scarf though or the coating will wear off (so I was told).
  8. Oh well. Either way, I think it's fun as can be!
  9. Please post pics when you have it, I believe it ties just wonderfully!!!
  10. Okay! I'm hoping that I have *nothing* to do on Thursday and Friday of this week and have the time to take plenty of pictures. Woohoo!
  11. Wow, I never knew Hermès made waterproof scarves. Goodness, there's so much to learn ... scented, waterproof, starched ...
  12. ^^^^^After doing my research, the 2 scarf patterns that come to mind that are waterproof are Eva and Neige D'Antan, and a handful of others whose names I can't find. Between 1998-2001, the sizing of the scarves made them water-resistant, but it also made the scarves harder to knot.
  13. ^HG, you're right........they DID make waterproof scarves, but I don't think they still do. They were in the La Monde several years back.
  14. Yes, this Eva scarf is made to be worn in the rain. It even comes in a special pouch, so you can keep it 'at the ready' in your Birkin. I purchased this at Hermes as a rain scarf.

    Coco-nut - will you be a blonde or a red head ? Enjoy !!