Eva pochette/clutch de yes or no?

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  1. Today I saw it IRL at the shop also could wear it and I fell in love😉 before I thougt my next bag would be Delightful mm or the new Totally de. But "big" bags I already have but nothing small. You think the eva is worth the money? Do you have any issues with de? Am very curios to your opinions and experiences, thanks in advance!
  2. I actually sold the DE EVA, regretted it, and bought her back into the family. She's wonderfully versatile and beautiful among the "small LV clutches" and perfect for weekends. Highly recommend!!!
  3. I use my DE Eva every single weekend! I wear her cross-body to baseball games or to go shopping. I have tucked the chain in and used her for a true clutch. I have also used her inside my Delightful MM as a catch all! I have been very happy with her!
  4. I truly love mine :smile:
  5. I just got my Eva last weekend (in DE too) & already wonder how I lived without it!!

    You won't regret it :smile:
  6. This is on my wish list:smile: anyone willing to show some modeling shots? Just to fuel the addiction;)
  7. I have a DE Eva. Even though I really love the shape, the big plate scratches very easy. Originally I wanted to get the monogram (and I still want it :P), but a friend gave me the DE for my birthday. Don't get me wrong, I really really love mine, and I use her very often. I just want to let you know one of the cons :smile: Beside that, she's perfect!
  8. I was actually at the store yesterday trying to decide whether to get the neverfull MM or the totally MM in DE (since i have the monogram one)...and to my surprise I ended up going with the eva, even hubby liked it more than my other choices....so because I already have plenty of larger lv bags for now...eva was a good choice...so if you have a few larger pieces, eva might be a good choice for like nights out and quick trips.... :smile:

  9. Here's a modeling shot! Hope you will get one for yourself soon!!! 😊

  10. Yes! You get two bags in one with the crossbody strap. Definitely a bag everyone should have in their collection. I LVoe mine :love:
  11. Looks so good! Can I ask how tall you are? Thank you:smile:
  12. Well said!!!

  13. Thanks! I'm 5'5 or (around 164cm). At first I found it was a bit too long, but after awhile, i really like this length. It's very comfortable to wear :smile:
  14. Looks super cute on you! You should go for it OP, love mine. :smile:
  15. #15 Apr 13, 2014
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    I bought one in mono and returned it. It was too small for me at the moment. I just carry waaaaay too much crap. But I do miss her and hope to get her again in the future. She's just too cute! :tender: