Eva or Sunset Blvd

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  1. I can't decide!!!! I only own big bags/totes and want a cute small bag when I'm out on a date or at a party. I'm torn between the Eva (azur) and the sunset blvd. Sunset being almost twice as expensive as the Eva, I'm super confused, I'm leaning toward eva, but the Sunset blvd is GORGEOUS :sad:
    What do you guys suggest?
    Also, a pre-loved Sunset on fashionphile costs as much as a brand new Eva - so I'm confused even more :confused1: :confused1: :confused1:

    Mods, sincere apologies if there's a thread on this already. I tried looking for a similar thread but didn't find one.
  2. Eva
  3. eva all the way!!! :smile:
  4. Eva and then with the difference you can get yourself a nice SLG :biggrin:
  5. I like the sunset blvd.
  6. I bought the sunset (Rouge Fauviste :heart:) and love it. But I really think it comes down to which one would you use? I have smaller purses to rotate so Sunset was the reasonable choice given that I need something that can also be used for formal events. If I didn't have other smaller purses for going out, my choice would probably have been eva.
  7. Sunset Blvd. in Amarante so pretty and classy!
  8. Eva!!
    I'm thinking of getting one too :P
  9. i have a sunset blvd. i bought mine with the intention of using it for more dressy occasions (even just with a nice sweater and nice jeans). if i just wanted one to use as a more daily bag, i'd go eva.
  10. Eva! I bought it the other day and for a small bag it's actually very roomy

    Hope that helps!
  11. sunset!!!!
  12. Thanks you guys! Well I am a complete newbie. I just bought my first LV bag recently..a NF MM that i ADORE . I don't own any other "fancy" bag :smile:
    I've been carrying around my coach wristlet whenever I go out and I don't need to tote a lot around. I'm not a big spender, so I'd wanna narrow it down to something I can wear with jeans and flats, and with a formal dress, and even when I go clubbing and have drinks in both hands :biggrin: I mostly need to fit my ID, credit cards, iPhone and keys, and some makeup.

    Sunset in Pomme and Amarante are TDF...but truth be told, they're a little too fancy for my needs right now.
    Having said that...I can't decide Which EVA?! :biggrin: hehe I love all the bag in three lines..what do you guys suggest?
    PS: I do sound like a newbie don't I? :smile:
  13. i think damier ebene is the most elegant of the 3. :smile:
  14. Sunset