Eva or Speedy

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  1. Hello everyone...I need help choosing my third bag. I have the NF MM in damier and the Palermo GM. This is a gift to myself using some of my state tax return money (saving all my federal refund). I am going back and forth between the Eva and the Speedy 30. I am not really a handheld bag person but seeing all these beautiful speedies on TPF has changed the way I feel about it--it is such a classic bag. The Eva would be very practical and versatile--I can use it as an evening bag and as a casual bag. My DH is no help since all he would say is get what you like :smile: but I like both and right now I can't. Please help...also need help deciding between mono and damier ebene. Thank you in advance.
  2. SPEEDY of course in my OP:smile:
  3. Damier Eva!
  4. Boy, that is a tough one, both are such nice bags. Since you don't own a Speedy yet, maybe that would be a good choice. Then again, if you think you will use the Eva alot, and your missing that kind of bag in your collection, that might be the right choice. I guess I'm no help. You can't lose, those are both winners :smile:
  5. I say Speedy. I am not a handbag girl either but once I started using the Wilshire Blvd and my Mon Mono Speedy I have found I don't mind a hand bag at all. Infact, I find my shoulder bags actually hurt my shoulder. I sold my Eva. Too small and that long strap was hideous on me since I am only 5'2".
  6. I'd get the speedy!
  7. I'll have to try it on when I go to the LV store because I'm only 5'3". But I love the idea of the Eva but will have to see what it looks like on me.
  8. My vote is for the Speedy.
  9. Eva
  10. Speedy first, Eva next!
  11. Eva in mono! I love the plaque on it and it's awesome that you can wear it cross body!
  12. Eva ! I have 2. Both are in damier ebene and azur.
  13. mono speedy
  14. Thank you everyone for your input. Looks as if the voting is pretty even. I'm going to LV this weekend and try on both bags but I am leaning towards the Eva in mono for now.
  15. speedy!!!