Eva or Speedy?

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Which would you get?

  1. Mono speedy 30 / 35

  2. Eva mono

  3. Eva damier

  4. Eva azur

  5. NF (pattern TBD) MM

  6. Other

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Gah, I know everyone asks a million times "X or Y". But I'm so torn. DH keeps telling me I "need" a new purse. (I think he's going to "surprise" me with one once I casually mention which one I want.)

    I can't decide if I want a speedy or an eva.

    I have an ancient mono speedy 25, which is way too small and needs to be replaced anyway. I also have a mono sonatine (which I rarely carry) and a damier saleya and some misc SLGs.

    I work downtown Chicago (read: lots of weather changes), walk/take the bus often and like to have my hands free. But I love when others have speedies. I think they're really lovely. I want some versatility in my collection, but just don't know...
  2. id go for the speedy .the bag is so popular that it just couldnt let you down :smile:
  3. Mono Speedy 35
  4. My vote went to the Speedy 35. Either that or a Damier Ebene NF. Both such great bags.
  5. Mono speedy
  6. Eva doesn't hold much. Have you looked at the Palermo or Bloomsbury?
    If you ride the bus daily, I think the NF is out.
  7. Mono Speedy!
  8. I love the eva but of the 2 I would vote mono speedy.
  9. speedy monogram!!!!!!!;)
  10. I would say bloomsbury too !
  11. mono speedy 30
  12. Mono Speedy 35 :smile:
  13. Damier speedy 35. This is the exact bag I have and it is the best. I live in Vancouver so we get a lot of rain but no worries with my damier speedy. Trust me, you'll love it :biggrin:
  14. I like this idea since you need a hands free bag.
  15. Thanks everyone. Seems like an overwhelming majority for the Speedy. But I'm still not convinced I'll like a handheld bag. I remember disliking that about my other speedy.

    I also want a purse for evening, not just work. (I'd have to bring an additional bag to work with me every day since I bring my laptop home almost every night.) Maybe I just need both!