Eva or pochette

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  1. I want a small bag to possibly use in my gm for a grab and go when I don't need the gm (I use the gm as a diaper bag) I'm debating between the Eva and the pochette that goes on the shoulder. I'm 5 foot so not sure I would wear be Eva crossbody anyway. I also want to use it as my date night bag. Which do I go with
  2. I prefer the pochette. The chain rattling around on the Eva drove me crazy.
  3. I like the Eva!
  4. The eva..i prefer something hands free
  5. I am also deciding which one of the two to go for. Watched some YouTube videos. The pochette can be worn cross body with a chain from K craft on eBay for an evening look so I may go for that.
  6. I prefer the pochette. Eva has a very long strap. I'm 5' and the strap falls well below the hip on me.
  7. I have the Eva and I really like it. The long strap can be removed and you can carry the Eva using the gold chain on your shoulder. I feel like the gold chain also gives it a little sparkle.
  8. I have both. For me, Eva is too nice to keep in a larger bag and toss around. The pochette is better for that and can also be dressed up a little with a gold chain for date night.
  9. I have both and agree with @MokeyLV.

    @kprice1019 if you get an Eva in DA or DE, you'd have to be a tad more careful with the metal plate when it's inside your GM. A pochette accessoire requires less care.

    You might also want to consider getting it in epi or vernis, if you want a dressy one for dates/ nights out.
  10. If you already have an LV crossbody bag with a strap, I would get the pochette so you don't have to pay extra to get a crossbody strap option. I already own the monogram crossbody strap, so eventually I'm going to get the monogram pochette accessoires over the eva clutch - I still get the shoulder & crossbody options by just using the strap I already own
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  11. I have both and I always find myself grabbing my Pochette Accessoires. I rarely use my Eva.
  12. Does the pochette fit an Emily wallet?
  13. Yes it does. With still some room left.
  14. The Eva is so pretty for date night. To be in your GM bag you can use any cute pouch, it doesn't have to be LV. But an Eva is so pretty for date migt