Eva or pochette?

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  1. Monogram!
    Which is better? I really want a zip top so favorite is out.
    Which do you like? Pros and cons?
    Will be buying the adjustable strap to go with it.

    Was going to buy a bag but since I've been hauling my toddlers backpack around I've been doing crossbodys.recommened some slgs! Ive got a gift card to spend! Lol
  2. I have a mono Eva and an ebene pochette with an Eva strap. I hardly use my Eva. Too afraid of getting the strap dirty!! I've only used it once in the year I had it with the strap but a few times just carried on my shoulder to go to dinner. I also have a toddler and the ebene pochette or Eva would be safe and worry free since you can't get it dirty. I've used my pochette a lot.
  3. I have the DE Eva and Mono Pochette...love both. They fit about the same amount. I use a canvas cles in them to maximize the space.
  4. I have the mono and de Pochette and love them. I bought a Eva strap to use them crossbody.
    I did try the Eva but the noise from the chain hitting the bag when i walked drove me CRAZY!!!
    Can't go wrong with the Pochette. :biggrin:
  5. Eva! I have the mono and you can use it as a pochette or crossbody for informal occasions!!!!!!
  6. I vote pochette because it is more casual. you can dress it up buy purchasing a chain off of ebay for a dressier night out. the eva is pretty but I feel it's a dressier piece. good luck and let us know what you decide.
  7. I like the Eva as it can be worn casually or dressy. IMO the pochette is too plain and only works casually.
  8. Agree!!:smile:
  9. Eva! I honestly think they can serve the same purpose but I prefer the look of the Eva. It like that you can dress it up easier too. Good luck deciding!
  10. Eva! You can carry it on your shoulder or cross body with the long strap, or on your shoulder by the chain. You can also tuck the chain inside the bag if you don't want it to show or make any noise when you're walking. It's perfect for both casual and dressy occasions.
  11. I unhook the chain and tuck it in the bag underneath the zipper thingy when I don't want to hear it. Works pretty well so far. :smile:
  12. Sorry, I'm slow...didn't see your post. :lol:
  13. I have Miss Eva in mono, and I love the versatility.
  14. I vote for Eva
  15. Thank you for all the responses! I had tried the Eva in store and I loved it but the strap was much too long. I'm 5"6 but with a short torso. The pochette is just not exciting enough. I guess I'll be going for Eva and the monogram adjustable strap to make it more toddler friendly! Thanks for the advice!