Eva or Insolite Wallet as a clutch?

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  1. Sooo, since school is right around the corner, I'm thinking that I want to start carrying around a clutch instead of my Speedy along with my backpack. I want something that I can carry my money, cards, lipstick/lipglosses, and phone in without it all being too stuffed.

    As for the Eva clutch, I know that the strap is removable, but the golden chain isn't. Is it possible for the golden chain to unhook on one side and hook to the other so that way it looks more like a wristlet?

    What do you guys think my best bet is?
  2. Or maybe even a Pochette Accessoires? Like I said, I wanna be able to carry my phone, keys, lipstick and lipgloss, cards and money, and possibly even my compact powder as well. How much can a Pochette and Eva clutch carry? It would be lovely if you ladies could post up pictures with what you carry in yours!
  3. Yes, the chain on the Eva can be hooked to the D-ring it's attached to on one side, like a wristlet strap. I can fit my Josephine wallet into my Eva, with my phone, a pack of gum, a tube of lip balm and my keys (although I do have a smaller set of keys that I use when I carry small bags.) It's a great bag...I recommend it.
  4. Eva
  5. Eva! ;)

    I have one in mono. So pretty. I am at work so I don't have the pictures of things I can carry in it but I can decently put my phone, flat/small wallet with paper money, coins, cards in it, lippies, lipgloss and keys. So, yeah you can definitely put all the things you mentioned above. And i think its more convenient for you too to carry it along with your backpack since you can use it as crossbody.

    For everyday use, get in damier ebene. No vachetta so No patina. :biggrin:
  6. eva! very versatile as you can also wear it as a shoulder bag;)
  7. Eva! It holds a ton and you can wear it many ways. Sorry no pictures from me but if you do a search on here you should find some.
  8. Eva!!
  9. pochette !! i love pochette more than eva :biggrin:
  10. Eva!!!
  11. Eva!!!! I love mine!!! Its so versatile. :smile:
  12. eva, it's one of my most used bags! :biggrin:
  13. definately eva! :love:
  14. I was thinking of the getting the Eva in just the monogram instead of Damier Ebene since my speedy is that colorway. But I really like the bigger gold plate on the Damiers than the Monogram :/ Oh! And I was also thinking of adding the key pouch in Damier Azur :smile:

  15. I love both Eva's but I went with the Ebene b/c I don't like shoulder straps that patina. Keep in mind that the bigger the gold plate the more you see scratches. A key pouch would be a nice addition. You will need something that can fit in the Eva to hold your change, cash, & cards.