Eva or favorite?

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  1. Hello all

    Thinking of my next purchase. Really like the Eva or favorite. Please help me by telling me which one do you have, likes and dislikes. TIA!!
  2. I love the favourite so much more! Im really not a fan of Eva. I think the Favourite is a lot more classic looking since it has the flap. How tall are you? As the Eva strap is a lot longer than the Favourite so that may weigh into your decision.
  3. Funny, I just went through this same dilemma this morning and went with the monogram Eva. One reason was the fact it has the zipper versus a magnet closure. My SA said every now and again they get customers coming back after purchasing a Favorite wanting to exchange it because the magnet didn't hold up well. I'm 5'5" and the vachetta strap on the Eva is fine for me.
  4. I didn't like my Eva that much until I gave it away. Now I miss it so much because the bag is light and a very practical at the same time.
  5. I bought the monogram Eva first, then exchanged it for a DE Favorite MM.

    The Eva was just too small for what I needed to carry (I needed an everyday bag, not just an evening or going out bag). Plus the Eva strap was too long for me.

    Very happy with the Favorite.
  6. I love my Eva and use it often. It's perfect for shopping, going out to dinner, and outdoor events. It fits my keys, cles used as a wallet, iPhone 6, sunglasses, and a lipstick. I love that it has a zipper. I'm 5'6 and the crossbody strap fits perfectly.
  7. I pick the Favorite MM.
  8. Definitely favorite !
  9. Favorite mm
  10. To me, the Favorite is a much nicer clutch than Eva, but for a crossbody I prefer the way Eva hangs. How are you mostly looking to use it?
  11. I have the Eva in DE and want to get the mono version as well. Such a great little bag and the only one I use. She fits all my daily essentials which include my cles, compact wallet, lip balm, truck keys, card case, Samsung Galaxy s7 and I could still fit a few small items if needed. I'm 5'2 and I wear her crossbody just fine. I love the zipper closure. I love the look of the favorite and have thought about purchasing the mono version of that instead of the mono Eva, but the magnet closure worries me so I've decided to go with the Eva. [​IMG]
  12. I think it depends on what you want to carry. If you just want to carry a phone, small wallet, keys and a lipstick, I'd pick Eva. But if you have more than that, I'd go with Favorite MM. In general, I prefer Eva over the Favorite due to the zip closure and longer strap. I have it in mono and DE.
  13. Favorite! Had 2 Evas in mono and DE and never used them more than a few times. Too skinny and long. Sold one and bought the favorite and now in the process of selling the other. Love my favorite mm in mono!

    I will say I bought the Eva strap as a replacement and use that with my favorite though.
  14. I vote the favorite- I purchased it and returned due to a defect but missing it. Someone mentioned once that the Eva looked like a pencil case and now I just see pencils case every time I see it. Plus the big plate makes me paranoid that it will get completely scratched up over time.
    You can always remagnitize the magnet if you find it to be too weak.
  15. I am 5'7"
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