EVA Mono vs Sophie Mono. Should I returN?


Return or not return

  1. Return

  2. No, keep it.

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  1. Hi everyone!! I just bought EVA today :biggrin:

    However when i put my sophie mono with it side by side. They look so similar. I am wondering if i should return it ? Help me decide? Thanks !! :love:


  2. I would return and get something different :smile:
  3. They are very similar, I would return it and get something else.
  4. I'd return the Eva too. They are very similar. (I'm glad because I want one!)
  5. Hi ... I didnt see the Sophie when I went to the Perth, Western Australia, LV shop today. But from ur pics... I am glad I bought the Eva. I think they both look too similar ... I would definitely get something else.
  6. If you had the Sophie in Damier, then I would say keep the Eva, but since you have the Sophie in Mono, the Sophie and Eva are just too similar. I would recommend returning the Eva.

    Maybe if the Eva later comes out in Damier you could buy it then?
  7. I say return it for something else. Sophie is cuter anyway! :yes:
  8. I agree with Peace.
  9. I wouldn't keep both as they are way too much alike.

    Therefore, choose the one YOU like the most.

    If you like the Sophie more then return the Eva ..... and if you like the Eva more then sell the Sophie on eBay where you might get a profit. :yes:
  10. Oh!!! I didn't see your photo comparison of both items, so I voted to keep it. But when I saw your photo, I think you should return it. When seeing the visual aids, I think I like Sophie more.
  11. Personally, I'd return the Eva.. you were lucky enough to get the Sophie and it's so much cuter ! :yes:
  12. Wow, they are so similar! Definitely keep the Sophie, I think!
  13. I like the Eva better than the Sophie but they are very similar so I'd say get something else...

    I accidently choose keep it because I thought you were asking if you should return that or the sophie... IDK?

    But i'd say return it sincethey are sooo similar.
  14. I personally prefer the little script "Louis Vuitton" over the L'Inventeur plate on the Sophie. I'd keep the Eva !!
  15. I'd only keep one. They are very similar.