Eva Mendes & Ryan Gosling

  1. I love this quote from the last page of Augusts In-Style magazine:

    "I use the same Coach bag all the time, but I have about 100 purses. It'a a funny addiction; Just knowing they're there makes me happy."

    How true! She needs to join the PF!
  2. Viva la COACH! I know exactly what she means LOL Purses are like shelf decoration!
  3. Who knows...maybe she is a member!!!

    Does a famous one lurk among us?
  4. I don't really care for Eva Mendes but I like what she said!! Perfect quote for all of us!!
  5. She ain't never lied, I can definitely relate to that statement.
  6. me too, i can so relate to that!
  7. she seems really cute!
  8. Woot! She's just like me! I have tons of Coach and kate spade bags but I tend to use a handful only!
  9. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    So cute!:P
  10. She looks great.
  11. Aww! Cute.
  12. She looks super cute, I love the cap, but aren't these hedgehogs?!?!?

    My first thought when I read the thread title was "Do they breed toy versions of everything now?!" :wacko: I thought you meant a live porcupine ....
  13. yea...i thought so too, like a toy poodle :P
  14. I was thinking live procupines too because even though they're all prickly, they're really cute!
  15. They're cute and they are hedgehogs.