Eva looks cute!

  1. I love her bag!

  2. What bag is it?
  3. Awww, it is cute!!

    Eva is seen carrying so many Coach bags..LOVE her style! ;)
  4. That's the Andrea satchel. I love it in this color and came so close to buying it...
  5. andrea is gorgeous! i've not seen this color, i want it! :biggrin:
  6. I love all of Eva's Coach bags! She has good taste. :yes:

    Speaking of Eva,
    I just cant wait for the new season of Desperate Housewives to start!!:yahoo:
  7. yeah Eva's got some amazing Coach. Cute pic but almost doesn't look like her - ?
  8. I agree, she has a wonderful sense of style.

    I wanted that bag in the Fatigue (distressed olive green) when it came out... but didn't want to spend that much money.

    The color she has is called "Natural" very versatile.
  9. That is a great bag! Coach probably sends her tons of free bags! How old is this style? I love it!
  10. Great bag.
  11. I love it, but would want it in another color.
  12. I have it in Cognac...and finally in Black.

    It's out of stores, probably out of outlets. But I got it.:yahoo: