Eva Longoria's Wedding Shower

  1. [​IMG]
    Teri Hatcher ditches her usually glamorous look for the fancy dress affair

    Blissed out Eva Longoria shows of her giant engagement ring

    Teri Hatcher receives the finishing touches on her outfit

    Marcia Cross arrives ready to celebrate Eva's special day

    Bride-to-be Eva Longoria celebrated her wedding shower alongside her Desperate Housewives co-stars, with Teri Hatcher making a surprise appearance in a toilet paper frock to honour the occasion.

    Embracing the spirit of the day, Hatcher joined some other unmarried guests in a competition to create the most fabulous loo roll wedding gown.

    The star-studded party was held at Felicity Huffman's pad in the Hollywood Hills, with the guest list also featuring Longoria's other onscreen pals Nicollette Sheridan and new mum Marcia Cross.
    The 31-year-old former beauty queen is set to marry French-born basketball star Tony Parker, 24, in Paris on July 7
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  6. Looks like fun!!! Eva is SO CUTE!!!
  7. All the Housewives look great (the ones in the photos). Eva looks gorgeous and very happy, I am happy for her.
  8. Marcia looks great to say she's a new mum to twins!

    Ken Paves really annoys me, they'd be great pics if he wasnt i them, lol!
  9. haha looks like they had great fun.
  10. Those are great photo's, they all look like they're having such a good time and they're all so pretty.
  11. Looks like they all had a fun time! Love Eva's dress.
  12. Sounds like great fun. Eva looks so happy, loving her ring!
  13. Eva is so pretty!!!And Marcia too
  14. He annoys me too! Hes everywhere like he's some kind of celebrity. I blame Jessica...lol

    Do I spot JLo in the picture of all of them at the table? I dont know, that just looks alot like her.
  15. Aww lovely photos!