Eva Longoria's Super Cute Summer Outfit

  1. I think this outfit is so cute! Does anyone know the handbag she's toting?
    jessicasimpson.jpg jp.jpg
  2. That outfit is wicked cute!
  3. Hmmm it looks like Jimmy Choo's bag but I am not sure though.
  4. Eva stole my car!!!:nuts::lol: She looks SO CUTE!!! LOVE HER!!!
  5. cute outfit! i think her bag is a Cole Haan G Series Collection.
    1e_1.JPG 39_1.JPG
  6. That's it I Love Rice!!! You ladies (and some gentlemen!) know your handbags!!!:yes: :yes:
  7. What a cutie!
  8. Cute outfit!
  9. great picture!! love her!!
  10. I really love that dress!! She looks cute in it too!
  11. great outfit, she always looks good.
  12. Love the sunglasses, are those Guccis
  13. that's such a cute dress!!!
  14. love the outfit and that gucci sun glasses..
  15. she is so trim in that dress, i am envious!
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