Eva Longoria's Purple Bag??

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  1. I love it! Anyone know who makes it? Thanks.

    photo from PopSugar

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  2. Her yellow one is python and I am DROOLING over it!!!!
  3. I like the Purple too.:tup:
  4. I am LUSTING after this bag big time!!
  5. how big is it?? it looks huge!!
  6. ive never wanted a bag so badly! i wish i could afford a $900 bag that ill probably never find on sale :sad:
  7. I saw this bag in US Weekly today! Loooove it!
  8. The purple one is gorgeous. It's so so cute!
  9. I really like it too...esp that yellow.
  10. Whatever you do, before you order from shoprumor, do a search for all the problems people have had with their CS! Buyer beware!
  11. The yellow one is to die for yum!!!
  12. Love, love, love this one.
  13. I Agree, This Bag Is Def A Beauty...