Eva Longoria's New Hair Do

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  1. Do you like it ?
    72416472Ev.jpg 72416452Ev2.jpg
  2. Sexxy!
  3. Eva and VB can play twins in a movie!!!:nuts: I think she looks GREAT!!!
  4. Kinda like Vb. It looks nice on her.
  5. LV -I copied you :roflmfao:
  6. You know what they say, Megs! Great minds think alike!!!:graucho:
  7. I like it...
  8. Looks great on her.
  9. Yes LV addict. I was going to say she is channeling Victoria Beckham.
  10. Thanks for posting Prada! However, I like the ORIGINAL VB!
  11. How could she possibly look bad?? :smile: Eva's always fresh!
  12. She looks great w/ any length of hair.
  13. I actually love her in shorter hair-she is so petite it shows her off!
  14. yep, I agree, she looks fantastic :smile:
  15. She would be beautiful bald!
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