Eva Longoria's fiancee becomes a rapper

  1. Apparently Eva Longoria's husband-to-be and famous NBA player French Tony Parker released his first (and I hope his last) album.
    The only good reason to see the video is Eva who's there in the last minute. They are one hot couple.

    So, what do you think?


    I think he should stick to his day job. He's definitely better in basketball.
  2. it got annoying reeeeeeeeeeeally fast...but there might be people who actually like it. I dont.
  3. he's cute ..not bad I guess I just love French LOL
  4. Saw this last night...
  5. The beat is pretty fresh,but I think he is a better B-Ball player than rapper..TONY! you are not snoop!,keep playing ball. I really dont understand why celeb's like Jlo & Madonna try to do diffrent types of entertainment both are horrible actresses!
  6. Ehh.. not wowed by it
  7. Not great at all!
  8. Yikes !!!
  9. They are an adorable couple, but I agree that this is not his finest moment...
  10. I'm a big "homer" but come on Tony! Go back to basketball and concentrating on the upcoming playoffs please!
  11. Looks like he's got at leat one fan:

    Eva Longoria's husband-to-be, Tony Parker, is more than just a basketball star: The San Antonio Spurs guard is also a rapper.

    That's right, following in the oversize footsteps of fellow b-baller Shaquille O'Neal, Parker has released a rap CD. The album, Balance-toi ("Move Yourself" in colloquial French) is on sale in Parker's native France.

    And Paker's fiancée is, of course, his No. 1 fan. "I'm so proud of Tony," Longoria tells PEOPLE. "He is such a talent."

    On the album, the hoops star spits rhymes about Longoria and even duets with Jamie Foxx.

    So, does Parker have game? "The disc is selling," says an employee at the Virgin Megastore on the Champs-Elysées in Paris.
  12. It's not as bad as I thought it would be! Wasn't that Eva towards the end of the video? But I still think he should stick to B-Ball!
  13. maybe he just did this for fun :shrugs:
  14. idk but i like it..its kinda hot how he's speaking french!
  15. Oh my God, six words: Deion Sanders, "Must Be the Money."