Eva Longoria's Bag??

  1. Does anyone know what kind of bag she is carrying? Gorgeous! (i'll have to say those boots are killer too!) :drool:
  2. Awww ... newlyweds! Don't know about the bag, but I think the boots are Gucci.
  3. Is there a better picture of it? Her hand is blocking the bag.
  4. ^ yeah I know! I can't see the bag!
  5. Thats the only picture I found... it was on people.com... sorry ladies! i know the picture is small, but i had to post it up here right away and see if anyone knew or might even have the bag.... :tpfrox:
  6. I am almost certain that it is a bag by Rock & Republic

    Available on Eluxury.
  7. Not sure...need a better picture.
  8. Haha - and I thought it was Kooba Dylan!
  9. I really think it's the Rock and Republic hobo.
    If you compare the handle hardware to the hardware on the bag she's wearing.. it's identical... also, I am pretty sure she is wearing it backwards and with all zippers open. this bag has expandable zippers all around it.

    check the eluxury photos
  10. Luna's right, it's Rock & Republic's Olive Zipper bag, you can tell by the O-ring detail. The bag's beautiful, but I ADORE her Rebecca Taylor cardy! And those fierce boots are definitely Gucci, you can tell by the silver toe-tip.

    ETA: if you look on Elux, the pictures of the metallic Olive, you'll see how slouchy this bag gets, it looks exactly like how she's wearing it.
  11. wow that bag is gorgeous! i`d love to pair it with my RR jeans. time to save up!
  12. Gorgeous bag, and boots!
  13. nice bag